Multi-Country Summer in Asia: 4 Cities in 3.5 Weeks

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Study abroad in Europe, Asia, or both! Applications are now being accepted for:

FN Summer in Europe: 9 Cities in 1 Month
FN Summer in Asia: 4 Cities in 3.5 Weeks
FN Summer in Europe + Asia: 14 Cities in 2 Months

It's free and easy to apply online. Programs are open to students of all majors.


Explore the rich cultures and stunning landmarks in Asia with Forum-Nexus this summer!

FN Summer in Asia: 4 Cities in 3.5 Weeks is a multi-city, multi-country summer study abroad program in which you can earn up to 9 transferable credits in a variety of courses.

The Summer in Asia itinerary includes Tokyo, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, Thailand, and Koh Samui island in Thailand

The main session takes place from June 3 - 27, 2019 but shorter, intensive sessions are also available. All majors are welcome, and our program is open to undergraduate and graduate level students.

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  • Discover 4 cities in 3.5 weeks
  • Become friends with students from around the world
  • Take classes in a variety of subjects
  • Visit other cities/countries over the weekends
  • Increase your International IQ

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