CIEE Summer Japanese Studies in Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is known for its outstanding modern and avant-garde features but peppered throughout this mega-metropolis are hotspots of Japanese culture and tradition. Spend six weeks exploring Japan’s treasures while taking two courses in Japanese language, art, business, communications, history, pop culture, religion, or society. Courses are taught in English by CIEE faculty at CIEE Tokyo and complemented with immersive co-curricular activities designed to increase intercultural understanding.

With summer study abroad in Japan you will:

by building upon what you know already... or start from scratch. Everywhere you go will be a chance to practice your new found linguistic skills.

through English-taught courses covering a range of cultural, social, and historical topics

as you explore on your own, or through CIEE scheduled activities and excursions

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Studying Abroad is for Everyone, Even People with Disabilities!

I never quite liked to share my trials as a wheelchair user so I never mention it much. Not only do I not like the "special" attention I also don't like being a burden to anyone else. However, ever since I started learning Japanese I've always wanted to study abroad to Japan, but because of my disability I thought I'd be a hindrance and my dream would just stay as a dream. But CIEE helped my dream become a reality!
The staff at CIEE made all the accommodations I needed, and had made preparations I didn't even know I needed to make my transition to a new country as smooth as possible. Some examples include making sure all activities, including the school and home, were wheelchair accessible and made sure I'd be able to participate. It really set my mind at ease knowing that my needs were known and the CIEE staff made me feel so safe and welcome that I felt as if I were seeing old friends again for the first time. And although they weren't my real family they gave me all the support and care I had required just as my family would have gave back home.
As for Japan, I don't want to put out the allusion that everything was wheelchair accessible, but many of the facilities were excellent for wheelchair users and public transportation is the best (if not the best in the world). In addition, I was so grateful and shocked to find everyone I encountered in Japan were so willingly and earnest in wanting to help me out, (whether I needed the help or not), when there was an obstacle in my way they made sure I didn't go unnoticed. From the hotel staff, to the clerks in the convenient stores, station attendants on the subways, to the professors at Sophia University, and to even the random strangers you meet on the crosswalks, thank you so much for going out of your way to show hospitality and kindness to a complete stranger. It made my experience to Japan that much memorable and unforgettable!

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