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Amsterdam, a city long associated with notions of tolerance and openness, is the perfect backdrop against which to study Art History, Literature, and Sociology through the lens of Gender Studies. We invite you to explore Amsterdam's history and present, and to consider how these notions are—or are not—changing. Amsterdam is your classroom, with field study visits to world-class museums and noteable Amsterdam sites playing a major role in each course. This program also includes a field study trip to Berlin, to further investigate your topics of study.

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  • Fun 9
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.5
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Amazing summer in Amsterdam

This program was such a great experience for me, and I am so happy that I chose it! The staff and teachers were very friendly, helpful, and welcoming, and the classes (I took the art history and literature courses that focused on gender studies) were interesting and incredibly relevant to Dutch culture. I learned things specific to Amsterdam and Dutch history by reading Dutch works and visiting countless museums. I enjoyed how many of our class sessions involved some sort of field trip, either to a museum, park, or other place.

We went on some fun day trips throughout my six weeks, as well as a weekend trip to Berlin, and we had lots of other time to travel on the weekends. I was lucky to study abroad with a great, kind, open-minded group of students and made some great friendships. We had lots of free time to explore the city however we liked, and IES Abroad always helped us find places to go if we asked for help or advice. They made sure we knew the neighborhood's grocery stories, pharmacies, and home goods places so that we could feel comfortable right away.

The housing was nice - a studio apartment with a small kitchen and bathroom - and located very close to the study abroad center. It was a bit farther from the city center, but we could take public transportation, bike, or if we had a bit more time, walk to nearly anywhere in the city. I felt safe in the city, and loved the entire vibe of Amsterdam. We didn't have much interaction with local students or residents, however, but if I'd had more time, maybe I would have ventured out more past the friends I'd made with IES.

How can this program be improved?
Providing reliable wifi in the apartments would be good (I had a few friends struggle with that throughout the trip), as well as interaction with locals.
Yes, I recommend
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Biking in Amsterdam

Being in Amsterdam was amazing, but what made it even better was the program itself. The IES center staff was wonderful, and was always there to help if we needed it. They helped us rent bikes during the first few days in the city, which to me, was an essential part of the experience. I loved my bike, and biking helped foster a relationship between me and the other girls in the program, especially my roommate. My roommate did not know how to ride a bike, so for the first two weeks, she and I took my bike out into the pathways around the apartment complex that we lived in, and I helped her learn. Now she can always say that she learned how to ride a bike in Amsterdam. Biking was also an essential part of the classroom experience to me. I took two classes in the program, a literature course and an art history course. Both instructors brought us to places around the city (or occasionally, around the country) about once a week. Whenever we were going to somewhere in the city for class, a group of my friends and I would bike there, occasionally with the instructors. It brought us closer together and closer to the city itself.

Yes, I recommend

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