CIEE Summer Comparative Public Health in London & Amsterdam

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Spend this summer exploring issues of health care from the Dutch and British perspectives. You begin your study abroad experience in Amsterdam, interrogating culturally sensitive issues like euthanasia, and global issues like elder care, which help you develop insight into the Dutch approach. Next, you’ll travel to London, to research the challenges facing the British National Health Service which owns the vast majority of the country’s hospitals and has made medical care available to all citizens
Embrace the amazing opportunity to examine the policies and practices of two countries facing similar public health challenges to the rest of the Western world, but taking markedly different approaches to addressing them.

Study abroad in Amsterdam and London and you will:
- Enjoy a series of guest lectures and site visits that bring you into contact and conversation with professionals in the field
- Develop leadership on matters critical to health

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Yes, I recommend this program

Comparative Public Health Systems London, Amsterdam: Amsterdam Perspective

I am a master's student at BU and took part the comparative public health systems first at London followed by Amsterdam.
The comparative public health systems for Amsterdam took place right on the beautiful campus of University van Amsterdam (UvA). Professor Swan was a wonderful and exceptional resource. Not only did she have a PhD in Nutrition but she grow up in northeastern USA and worked in the health systems in London. Finally, she now resides and works in Amsterdam. She could really provide the information for Amsterdam's unique health features (legal drug policies, euthanasia, elderly care, etc) in a way that placed within the global context. We also had some very inspirational trips - my favorites included the medical museum Vrolik and the senior center Sarphat. I won't talk about them especially but they really enforced the material. Finally, we had many guest speakers and it was a wonderful way to discuss topics with experts in the field of healthcare systems.
The CIEE team, all of them, prepared wonderful trips (day trips and overnight trips), dinners, lunches and cultural events. We also had workshops for general career growth and training. The events really took to the heart and core of what all that we did in Netherlands. Whether it was cheese tasting or photo tours or Indonesian cuisine or travelling Zoelle, the team made sure to make it worth the while.
I would recommend the course(s), and as for the wonders of Amsterdam, it is best to say as little as possible because words really cannot convey the magnitude.

What would you improve about this program?
Generally speaking, I don't think there is need for improvement. More listing of readings for academic and general knowledge in Netherlands possibly!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Open Mind

I encourage anyone studying abroad to keep an open mind. Housing and transportation and spending may not be ideal or what you are used to, but the best way to enjoy and use your time abroad is by keeping an open mind. Take advantage of the time you're there and the free extra events that your program offers because they are things you may not get to do otherwise. Just use your time wisely, travel on the weekends but don't forget to stay in town some weekends to experience the local life. Keep an open mind and use your time effectively, those are my top two recommendations.

What would you improve about this program?
Further and better preparation for what will be offered and available before departure. 2 weeks before departure for a final details email is not enough.
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