Semester Abroad: Sustainability in Conservation and Ecology

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Students in this themed semester would be provided with skills and knowledge in the identification of New Zealand plants and animals and how to conserve them into the future. As well as more general topics, such as biodiversity conservation, students could cover topics with a particular NZ focus, such as the eradication of pest mammals to conserve native animals and plants.

  • Small class sizes.
  • Specialist land-based institution.
  • Open door policy with academic staff.
  • Experiential learning key component of delivery.

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Yes, I recommend this program

NARMEE Exchange Student from Austria

In my opinion there is no most urgent topic than the actual climate crisis and all its effects on our very existance. Thats why I study Natural Ressource Management and Ecological Engeneering (NARMEE) in Austia + NZ. But somehow it´s contradictionary to have that passion and then get into a plane, which is the biggest legal crime you can make regarding the CO2 emissions from aviation. So what now?
I decided to make a slow travelling journey to come to NZ: I took trains all the way from Vienna to Bejing (transsibirian train), flew to Auckland and took trains, ferries and hitchhiked down to Lincoln. NO WORDS!

The quality of the lectures and the familiar atmosphere at Lincoln is amazing! So worth it. Everybody cares about you and the doors of the lecurers are always open. The variety of cources allow to specify in many different fields.
I had a great time at LU!

What would you improve about this program?
The woarkload is quite high. Make sure that you stay on top of things from the beginning on. I would also improove the sustanability image of the university. There is a lot to be done for example offering incentives for climate friendly travelling, carbon neutral degrees, students inclusion in LU decision making, ... . I would hope that LU is leading the way regarding climate activism. It´s the responsibility of a university to not just spread knowledge but also incorporate it and own it! LU could be a role model for society, other universities and studentds worldwide if changes to more climate leadership would be taken!