Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement
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Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement

Social Change in Central America: Exploring Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement – is an experiential program, rooted in social justice, and focused on direct community engagement. This program provides a comparative look at three different countries: Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Augsburg CGEE gets you out of the classroom and into the community with travel to multiple cities, visits to museums, local groups, and guest speakers. Examples include: Women’s collectives and representatives of feminist movements, coffee and tobacco farms, student and youth groups, and many more!

Participants will stay with at least 2 different host families in each country – one in a rural setting, and one in an urban setting. When not in a host family stay, students will stay in CGEE housing. This is core to the CGEE philosophy of truly hearing the voices of multiple people, by facilitating encounters with people who have been marginalized.

North America » Nicaragua
North America » Guatemala
North America » Costa Rica
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Oberlin College

Social Change in Central America


From the moment I first heard about this program, I knew it was the study abroad experience for me. Learning about social oppression, political revolution, regional hegemony, and societal transformation has been the focus of my studies in the U.S., so this program fit perfectly for the real-world experience I was seeking. As a Politics and Latin American Studies double-major, I found the lessons compelling and the community experiential components integral to my learning in the program. From one-on-one interactions to large group activities, I learned more about the realities of systematic oppression in three months than I had in the three years I had been studying at school. This program is challenging in many ways and it inspires you to think about your own position in this world and the ways in which you can use your voice to advocate for those less privileged than yourself. This is not a typical study abroad semester -- it is much more than that. It was the only program I applied to and I have recommended it to many younger friends looking for a meaningful and transformative study abroad experience.

How can this program be improved?

There were some kinks and bumps in program management along the way, but it did not hinder the overall experience of the semester for me.

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22 years old
Washington, USA
University of Puget Sound

Incredible perspective-changing abroad experience


Oftentimes students travel abroad and wind up drinking a lot, partying, and although they are in a different country, they speak with and live among people who are very much like themselves. This program is a true chance to study, learn, grow, and change your perspective on life in a country different from your own. Each country has something different and important to teach you, inviting students to utilize language skills and build real and meaningful connections with host families, professors, and other members of the communities you live in. Staying in a blend of urban and rural settings, the beauty you're exposed to is never ending and will stay with you long after you go home. The lessons I've learned from my time with CGEE in Central America have changed my life and what I want my impact on the world to be as I grow older. If you are looking to make the absolute most of an abroad experience- this is the program for you. Get ready to have your privilege challenged, your passion for social justice engaged, and to get to know a part of the world that is vibrant, full of love for life, and integral to the world's success.

How can this program be improved?

Longer rural home stays (maybe optional?)

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Their Roots: The Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) is affiliated with Augsburg College, a private liberal arts and sciences college located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was founded in response to a call by the Lutheran Church for programs that raise awareness of international