CIEE Summer Tropical Marine Ecology in Bonaire

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Spend this summer studying coral reef ecosystems through theoretical exploration and field experiences that use the renowned Bonaire National Marine Park as a living classroom.

The single session study abroad program introduces you to scientific diving methods before allowing you to use those skills to explore an amazing diversity of marine life and ecological processes on coral reefs, as well as the conservation of tropical marine ecosystems.

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thank you CIEE

I met my best friend on that trip, and it only happened because CIEE helped us both get there. We both are not in financially good standing but had a desire to study abroad and they got us there. I met locals and people from all over the country and a handful of us still stay in touch and are good friends, even after being apart for so long. I went back to Bonaire and spent the next holiday season with locals I met on that trip as well. Also, the trip helped develop my passion for marine and environmental conservation. I realized how passionate I was about environmental sustainability and conservation efforts while abroad with them and I'm currently enrolled in a university to work towards one day having a job related to marine conservation. And no, it wasn't a flawless program, there were a lot of issues, but CIEE has great people working in Bonaire; as long as you keep an open mind and really take in the good moments, you'll have an amazing experience. The res hall is clean and a great place to live, you never get tired of the ocean, and you learn a ridiculous amount from working in the living environment and studying in their lab. You aren't challenged but if you put in the effort you learn a lot.

How can this program be improved?
As sweet as Gibi is, and as much as I do adore him, the Americanized food he tried to cook was very subpar. His Bonairean dishes were fantastic though.
Yes, I recommend this program


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