#NoPassportNeeded: Spanish

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Don't just learn Spanish this summer - live it! With remote courses for all levels of language, GEO's #NoPassportNeeded Spanish programs offer immersion with Spanish faculty, as well as virtual host family placements and native-speaking language partners!

Check out the options for heritage speakers, healthcare professionals and advanced immersion!

  • Virtual host families with special and personal interactions each week over meals and through fun activities like cooking demonstrations and sharing hobbies
  • Language exchange partners with native Spanish-speaking local students
  • Virtual explorations of places like Oviedo and Segovia, Spain: Roman Baths and aqueducts, Archaeological Museums, guided visits to historical sights and more

Popular Programs

Oviedo Cathedral

In this remote experience you will learn the differences between the Spanish language varieties as well as common dialect variants used throughout Latin America. Learn key terms and phrases for the medical field in the Spanish language, and place them within real world and cultural contexts by hearing from guest speakers from Spain such as pharmacists, clinicians, and physicians. Learn terminology and aspects of Latino culture that can impact a patient’s health and medical system interactions.

Hispanic Heritage

This experience was specially designed for heritage Spanish speakers who are at the advanced Spanish language level. Explore the linguistic, social, cultural, and geographic diversity of the Spanish language and enhance your awareness of the connections between culture, identity, and learning in the context of the Spanish language.


Complete first, second, or third-year Spanish language credits while learning from and connecting with Spanish speakers around the world!
For the first time, you can learn directly from Spanish speakers based in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina in one experience from your home. You will "move" from one location after one or two weeks to the next, engaging with host families and local experts along the way.

Oviedo Plaza

This four-week remote experience will allow Spanish language students to study the languages and literatures of Spain with Professor David Wacks from the University of Oregon’s Spanish Department and virtually explore the beautiful city of Oviedo in Spain’s northern green coast in the region of Asturias. Students will enroll in two 300 level Spanish courses taught by Professor Wacks.

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