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This year is not what anyone expected. You don’t want to pay a fortune to spend the year listening to online lectures, but you’re ready to move forward with your education and earn college credits.

With Verto’s Global Impact Year, you’ll earn transferable college credits to set you up for success at a partner college. You’ll also take experiential courses to explore today’s most interesting and relevant issues, using the Minerva platform.

As a Fall 2020 student, you’ll dive into current affairs, with all its complexity. With a global pandemic sweeping the globe and the 2020 election front and center, Verto’s Global Health and American Government courses are incredibly relevant. Combined with Introduction to Critical Thinking and Rhetoric & Research I, the fall semester challenges you to meet the moment head-on as a thinker, scholar, and dynamic member of your community, your nation, and our world.

  • Student Clubs
  • Hands-On Study Hall
  • Global Guest Speakers
  • International Events
  • Community Building Events

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Yes, I recommend this program

Something I did not expect

Spring of 2020, I was beyond excited to go to Costa Rica, but like most things this year covid has taken that opportunity away. To say the least when Verto offered a hybrid semester as an option I figured why not it's something to do and it'll help for next spring 2021. I was not expecting this semester to be overall very fun and inviting. Even though being online sucks again not expecting to make a good amount of connections with classmates that I think will last a long time, great thing is I'll see most of them next semester as well in Costa Rica! Huge coodos to Verto staff for working so hard behind the scenes to provide a great experience overall for us students!

What was your funniest moment?
Trying to get a professor to check out a funny link, we spent almost an entire class period talking about funny stuff and it was just a well needed break in the semester to just have fun and get to know our professor more and ultimately build a lot of good connections.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Global Impact Year

Obviously, like the rest of my classmates, I had wanted to travel abroad. I had to finish my senior year online and I was ready to go back to learning in person. Because of the pandemic, Verto was not able to send anyone abroad. I found the mission of Verto to be interesting so I decided to do the online semester. They hadn’t run an online semester before. They, like the students, wanted to be traveling abroad. Verto had to find teachers, find an online platform we could use, split all of the students into cohorts, and come up with activities to make the semester fun. I believe they found great teachers for the semester. The teachers that I had were all very understanding and relatable to the students. We had speakers, clubs, and we were even able to do activities like a murder mystery game. Ideally, we all would’ve been traveling abroad this semester, but Verto did a great job of pulling off an online semester.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Verto Online Fall 2020 Hybrid Semester

Verto admission representatives visited my high school college fair; I approached their booth, and immediately felt a connection as soon as we started talking. After speaking with them, I felt an immense warmth of positivity. Everything about the program perfectly appealed to me so of course I was so eager to sign up! The semester started online in September of 2020, and I expected it to be not as monumental as it has been. With the addition of having many events, games, speakers, and student lead clubs outside the part of academics it was always made the program super fun! I've learned so much this semester by building friendships with my fellow students; I must give credit where it is due the pinnacle of my success was having the support and encouragement of the amazingly awesome Verto staff from Community Guru and Program Leader to professors and academic counselors. This year of 2020 and unique Hybrid Verto Semester has been an influential experience, and wouldn't have chosen any other path. Besides with Verto I'll be able to travel this coming Spring. I definitely recommend doing your study abroad with Verto Education because the knowledge that you gain from it is truly extraordinary. Through Verto your opportunities are endless and your adventures will be legendary!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Don't use Minerva Forum as the learning platform instead use Zoom and Canvas in conjunction with Google application and services.
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