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Jessie Beck

A Washington DC native, Jessie Beck studied in Dakar and Malta, taught in Costa Rica, and volunteered with the Peace Corps in Madagascar before ending up at Go Overseas as Editor / Content Marketing Director. She has since moved to work at Asana.

Study Abroad Resources

Before You Go: Resources for Preparing to Study Abroad

You've picked your program and have a date. Below are resources to help you with the next set of logistics.

Choosing where to go: where should I study abroad?

General advice for prepping to study abroad

Study abroad travel insurance

Study abroad costs and finances

Where am I going to live while studying abroad?

Once You're Abroad: Make the Most of Study Abroad

Below are articles that will help you make the most of your study abroad experience, avoid common mistakes, and deal with any problem you may have while studying abroad.

How to deal with culture shock and homesickness

Tips for traveling during your study abroad trip

What are some common mistakes students make abroad?

Apps, blogging, and communicating with back home

Lifestyle: how to make friends, date, and stay healthy

Location-Specific Advice

The following list of resources will help you rock your study abroad experience in your host country:

Latin America


Middle East


UK / England








Post Study Abroad: How to Keep the Experience Going

Below are articles to help you figure out the know-how's for settling back into your home country, dealing with common post study abroad troubles, and leveraging your experience for your career.

Career Advice

Post Study Abroad Woes