GEI Rwanda | Global Mental Health Conference
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GEI Rwanda | Global Mental Health Conference

Are you passionate about global mental health and would like to gain new insight through a unique African perspective? Have you read about the Rwandan genocide and would like to learn more about the country’s history as well as its unique success with reconciliation and nation building?

This Global Mental Health Conference and Summer School helps you explore the different pillars of the mental health care system - psychiatry, counseling, social work, mental health nursing and clinical psychology. You have the opportunity to hear from Rwandan and international scholars, and to exchange your knowledge with a multicultural group of participants from Rwanda and abroad.

Co-hosted by the University of Rwanda, the University of Glasgow and GEI, this week-long program is available to students and professionals in the various mental health disciplines and related subjects. Continuing Professional Development credits are available.

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25 years old
University of Glasgow

Review of the Global Mental health Conference in Rwanda: Broadening Views


The Global Mental Health Summer School/ Conference was a fantastic way to consolidate knowledge gained from an MSc in Global Mental Health. It was a way to learn about challenges and successes in mental health care in Rwanda and the wider regions from those in country and be able to compare and contrast with the literature that is available, bridging the gap between our academic knowledge and evidence and our lack of practical or lived experience in the field.

The information was presented in a way that was easy to understand but having a background knowledge in the area allowed a more effective and critical look at the information and reflecting on the similarities and differences with whats presented in literature to the experience on the ground.

The presenters were inspiring and showed a high level of expertise that was invaluable. However, being able to share experiences with other students and mental health professionals also attending the conference from Rwanda and other places around the world meant that you not only learnt about current initiatives but also how they translate on the ground. Additionally, it meant being able to share and compare our different cultures, values and the way our countries promote mental health and prevent mental ill-health, reflecting how we can incorporate newly learnt initiatives back home.

A wonderful week full of reflection, friendships and learning.

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