SIT Study Abroad Senegal: Global Security and Religious Pluralism

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Explore how Senegalese society has cultivated peaceful coexistence in religiously plural settings. In a time when terrorism is often defined by religious extremism and a “clash of civilizations,” Senegal provides a model of religious coexistence in which radicalization is unusual and Sufi Islam has an unusually close relationship to the government.

Learn how urban issues in Dakar intersect with religious identity, gender, and youth cultures. You will critically examine the practices that promote social cohesion in rural and urban Senegal and explore how Senegalese youth perceive questions of security, politics and peace.

  • Examine competing narratives of the causes of global insecurity and how Senegal’s fascinating mix of religions forges peaceful coexistence and inclusive politics.
  • Visit important sites in Senegal.
  • Explore international and regional security institutions.
  • Explore religion and politics in Morocco’s unique urban cultures.
  • Develop new skills in French or Wolof.

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