Senegal: Wolof Language (Beginner & Intermediate)

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Wolof in Senegal holds the status of a lingua franca for the great majority of the population and is key to understanding Senegalese culture and realities. In fact, it is spoken by more than 70 percent of Senegalese citizens of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

This program will be delivered through a three-credit online course and a three-credit immersion course in Dakar, Senegal. Although they may be taken separately, the courses are designed to complement each other to give students an in-depth knowledge of the Wolof language and understanding of the culture and values of which it is the vehicle.

During the in-country portion of the course, you will spend several days in the rural area of Popenguine to practice Wolof with the local population.

Program Highlights
  • Develop and practice your Wolof skills in a vibrant and welcoming Wolof-speaking environment both through online and in-country courses.
  • Engage with Wolof through popular forms of art, such as music, poetry, scandalous soap operas, and more.
  • Experience daily life with homestay families in Dakar and Popenguine. (J-Term)
  • Visit people and places to enhance your Wolof language learning experience and gain strong insights into Senegalese culture. (J-Term)

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