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University Of Cape Town
Service learning in and around Cape Town is a core component in our program. Students taking one of the IES Abroad courses are required to complete 60 hours of volunteer work while in Cape Town. Twenty of your 60 hours of volunteer work will be at Egoli, a settlement that receives no government services like water or electricity.

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  • Academics 8.2
  • Support 9.4
  • Fun 9
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 7.6
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My Experience

My semester abroad with IES was nothing short of amazing!! IES provided support throughout my entire stay in South Africa. Going to UWC was the best decision I could've made. I absolutely loved my semester abroad. IES planned activities that made the experience worth while. IES is affordable and accessible.

How can this program be improved?
The program could be improved with a more organized and engaging course provided to the students.
Yes, I recommend
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Life on the Flip-Side

My experiences with IES Abroad's Cape Town - UCT Direct Enrollment program were world class, life-changing, and unforgettable. The staff did a fantastic job of ensuring our safety and did everything possible to set us up for success in the classroom and - arguably more importantly - in the greater Cape Town area. IES equipped us with top-notch resources and truly did their best in allocating available scholarship funds to those in financial need. The field trips covered just about every experience of your typical 'Top 5 Things to do in South Africa' in addition to providing hands-on service learning within the community. These five months resulted in countless friendships including several of which I have since kept in touch with, visited, and even lived with post-college! This program was the perfect mix of structure and independence to result in a truly life-changing time abroad.

How can this program be improved?
Even as far as the university's surroundings were concerned, the housing was mediocre. However, I have been informed by the program director that it has since been vastly improved! Had that been the case back in 2012, the experience would have been a notch above.
Yes, I recommend
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Multicultural Cape Town

Cape Town is a beautiful city and there is so much to do and see. I recommend ditching the Americans you came with and making as many local friends as you can! Everyone has a unique story and background; making local friends in Cape Town definitely made my experience more meaningful.

How can this program be improved?
Registering for classes was a difficult and confusing process. Our program directors helped but nothing was clear all of the time. You have to adapt to the "TIA" (This Is Africa) mindset.
Yes, I recommend


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