CIEE Summer Korean Studies in Seoul, South Korea

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Spend your summer exploring the culture, business practices, and language of Korea.

Through elective courses in English, options for Korean language study, site visits, and cultural activities you’ll develop a understanding of South Korean society and the country’s recent emergence as one of the world’s major industrialized nations.

Study abroad in Korea and you will:

- Choose from a range of courses in international business, science and technology, humanities, social sciences, and the arts as well as the Korean cultural wave Hallyu, East Asian studies, and Korean studies

- Visit Korean organizations, museums, temples, and historic sites

- Explore the DMZ and other locations of national and cultural significance

- Learn Korean through language courses at all levels of instruction and take non-credit courses in traditional Korean martial arts, cooking, and music

Study Abroad Risk Free!

In the unusual event CIEE has to cancel your study abroad or internship program due to a health, safety, or security concern, you’re covered with our Program Assurance Advantage.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer Abroad

I really loved the program for my chance to get out of my small interconnected school and really see the world. Overtime in South Korea I sincerly developed a love for the nature and experience of being abroad and it wasn't significantly uncomfortable for me to be a minority. Of course, in the beginning I took longer on tasks than I would have in the states but it didn't take long for me to adapt and speed up my ability to function in a completely different society. One of my favorite things to do is identify all the unique plant and wildlife present. Its a lot more intriguing than reading from a textbook and its a unique experience for myself to actually get to see the material I'm learning about. Overall the experience was priceless and I can not wait to travel back!

What would you improve about this program?
Cohesiveness with Host University is the only distinct issue I can find that really caused a slow down on the whole process.
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE Summer Korean Studies 2018 Review

This Summer Korean Studies program CIEE offers a wide variety of experiences for students who are inexperienced with studying abroad or traveling in general! Instead of studying abroad alone without guidance, this program provides students the ability to connect with others as well as planned activities and excursions!

When it comes to cultural activities, the program is able to introduce students to cultural diversity in Korea. Many of the excursions and events that are offered by the program are lead by experienced staff members who know there way around Korea. Excursions that were provided in this current program such as temple visits, city exploration, village tours, etc, provided great opportunities for cultural immersion! Through these excursions, I was able to make a variety of friends with other students and staff members.

What's great about this program is that it offers students opportunities to be independent when it comes to exploration! I specifically remember a memory where the program staff allowed my group of friends and I to explore the city of Seoul at the beginning of the program. We were trying to find Gyeongbokgung Palace, but we ended up in Gangnam at a 'royal palace', which was just a hotel due to a mistake my friend made. It was a hilarious, memorable experience since it was my first time using the Seoul subway system. My group ended up going for tacos at the end of the day in Gangnam, but I enjoyed this delightful misadventure!

I recommend students who participate in this program to go outside of their comfort zone and take advantage of opportunities available in this study abroad experience! I've participated in quite a few fun activities in the program, including cultural activities that can be reimbursed by the program! I also recommend students to do research about South Korea and what is offered in this program! There are many things to do in this wonderful country, and it's best if students can plan in advance what they want to do in South Korea!

I was able to meet amazing friends and experience different cultural events throughout the program! These memories will be unforgettable as time passes, and I hope to enjoy more studying abroad experiences like this one in the future!

What would you improve about this program?
It would be great if this program offered students more advice about financing! Specifically, budgeting and banking are two of the things I would emphasize!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My Experience with CIEE Seoul

I truly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about Korean culture. The CIEE Seoul program introduces you to many aspecte of the culture over the course of the summer program. You'll spend several days before classes start traveling around South Korea, exploring historical sights and trying new and different foods. And when classes start, you'll notice you already have an enormous group of friends to call when you need anything. CIEE Seoul allows you to make lifelong friends from both America and from Seoul. My favorite aspect of the CIEE program was the opportunity to make close connections to both the staff and the interns (Seoulmates <3).

What would you improve about this program?
I would suggest more intereaction with the Seoulmates, more assistance with the traveling aspect of the program, and better housing accommodations. SK Global House is convenient, but I found the rules to be too strict. I realize this is out of CIEE's control, though.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Go to Korea!

While most students go abroad to learn new languages and to explore new cultures, I chose to go abroad to rediscover my heritage. My mother and I last saw our family when I was four, so the opportunity to study abroad in Korea while fitting it into my academic schedule was a once in a lifetime opportunity. As a science student, going abroad can be unfeasible, especially in many non-English speaking countries. However, a summer term fit perfectly as it allows you take a small break but will not interfere with your academic schedule. CIEE also allowed me to live with my grandmother, which helped me make sure I was able to spend more time with her and my family. CIEE also made sure to expose us to Korean culture through cultural activities. We visited the DMZ, museums, temples, volunteered in the community, and attended lectures on Korean culture.

As for the university we attended, Yonsei University, it is a beautiful campus! It is located next to Ewha Womens University, another beautiful campus, and Sinchon, which has plenty of restaurants and stores. Since we only had classes four days a week, we took the opportunity to utilize Seoul's public transportation system to explore. The system is fast, reliable and there is plenty of instructions in English. When it comes to Seoul, it is a city that seems to never sleep and never runs out of things to do! Coffee shops and Karaoke are everywhere alongside department stores, outside markets, and clothing stores. After getting a taste of modern Seoul, you can glimpse into Korea's history by visiting the many museums, palaces, and temples throughout Seoul.

What would you improve about this program?
CIEE made sure we participated with the community through volunteer work, tours, visiting a high school, and participating in cultural experiences. Despite being able to interact with the community, most of the participants and I agreed that it was difficult to meet fellow Korean students. Our courses, naturally, consisted of mainly international students and our dorms were entirely international students. I know at other some of the other universities they had a buddy system were a Korean student was paired with an international student. This way, as an international student, you would have someone to contact or help you integrate into the culture better. CIEE staff played this role, but they were also our program coordinators. I believe that if we had more opportunities to meet fellow Korean students we may learn more about Korean culture and language.
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