By CIEE   Reviews (7)   99% Rating

CIEE International Business + Culture in Seville, Spain

By CIEE   Reviews (7)   99% Rating

Advance your Spanish language skills while pursuing coursework in international business in a city rich in history and culture—Seville.

Whether you’re an accomplished Spanish student or an absolute beginner, studying abroad in Seville offers you language instruction, area studies electives, and a host of courses in economics, finance, marketing, and management that give you international perspective and experience.

Study abroad in Seville and you will:

- Explore local culture through activities and excursions to sites of cultural importance in and around Seville and Spain, as well as a trip to Morocco

- Visit a number of Spanish companies and organizations

- Develop intercultural competency skills via the CIEE Intercultural Communication in Context course

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The program fee includes:

- Tuition and housing
- Pre-departure advising and optional on-site airport meet and greet
- Full-time program leadership and support
- Field trips and cultural activities
- CIEE iNext travel card which provides insurance and other travel benefits

CIEE also offers a wide variety of scholarships for participants; see website for details.
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Program Reviews (7)

20 years old
Long Island
University of Scranton

A Real Life Dream

Overall 10

My study abroad experience in Seville with the International Business and Culture Program was fantastic. From the moment I arrived in Seville, the CIEE staff team welcomed me, and picked us up from the airport. Next all the study abroad arrivals got onto a coach bus with our CIEE coordinators and they dropped us off at locations where we met with our host families. It was amazing to meet my host family right away. I did not know much Spanish, but it did not matter because my host family guided me throughout the learning process. Fortunately, my host family was incredible and welcoming! They told me right away that English was not to be spoken in the house because I needed to learn Spanish. I enjoyed this challenge and it helped me learn the basics of the language fast. Also, every student in the International Business and Culture had to take a two-week Spanish intensive three hour a day language class! My teacher was outstanding and made learning Spanish exciting and fun. This class allowed me to take three more additional Spanish language classes during the regular semester with ease! Practicing my Spanish with my host family was fun and exciting. I became very close to my host family and they became close with me! I enjoyed eating three delicious meals a day with my Spanish family that my host mom made. I also went to many family birthday parties, and events where I was always introduced as a son or brother, which was fun! I also went on family vacations with my family. I had a memorable time spending time with my family in their beach home in Huelva. I also spent much time exploring Seville with every member of the family! We even had family dinners at their favorite restaurants. I am so fortunate to have another set of parents and siblings in my life, who taught me their culture. Unlike other study abroad programs, this program gave each student an integrative cultural experience where I was able to become a member of a family, while actively taking part in the Andalusia culture. I especially loved Semana Santa and Feria. During Semana Santa, I was able to appreciate the beautiful religious processions that took place in all the streets. I even was able to walk aside one that my host mom and sister participated in! That was my favorite week of my study abroad experience, because I was able to celebrate the Sevillano tradition, while being proud of my own Catholic ideology. Feria, a huge celebration that is celebrated by all sevillanos was also a great time. I took a leap of faith and accepted an invitation to dance to one of the flamenco sevillano dances with my Spanish family and friends. After I indulged in fantastic food and drink that originates within the Feria tradition. My host sister lead me around to each, caseta (tent) which were all adorned as properly as houses. When we hoped to caseta to caseta we were given graciously welcomed and given abundant food and drink. During Semana Santa and Feria, I was introduced to all my brother and sister’s friends! The wonderful part about this program is that each student is fully immersed around the Spanish language. CIEE staff also set up numerous excursions to explore the city of Seville, and other Spanish cities like Cordoba. These excursions were an excellent opportunity to spend time and meet people from other american universities around the nation. One incredible excursion was our fourday trip to Morocco. In Morocco I was exposed to a culture that was totally different from mine. We lived with an Islamic host family who only spoke Arabic. It was a fun and adventurous time. I have developed virtuous friendships with many people from other universities throughout the United States because of this program. Some of my favorite moments abroad were meeting up with these friends to enjoy delicious café con leche, and tapas. Dancing the night away in discotecas, or watching the sunset by Rio de Guadalquivir was breathtaking. Fortunately, I was able to travel to many neighboring European countries because my program did not hold classes on Thursdays adding to the all inclusive experience of exploring the world. I love my host family and the friends that I were able to make abroad. I am so grateful to have had this profound experience, which I will remember for the rest of my life! Sevilla es mi casa!

22 years old

Studying abroad in Sevilla is a must

Overall 10

When else are you going to be able to live in a new country and see the world, while your only responsibility is to be a student? College is THE time to do this, don't kid yourself and think you can just travel when you're older. Even if it sets you back a semester, it is so worth it. The most rewarding part was seeing how much I changed from the beginning of my semester compared to the end. Not that I changed who I was as a person, but I gained so much experience and knowledge about myself, and what I am passionate about. I learned so much in those 5 months and it was amazing how much my Spanish improved.

It was always my dream to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country because I knew that was the best way to see the world and improve my use of Spanish. Thanks to my grandparents, I started traveling at a young age and I never want to stop. It makes you realize how much of the world you don't know about and all of the people that you haven't met. I want to see new cultures and try new food. I want to see the beauty in this world.

The number one best thing I gained from this experience that I would never change is my host family, who now feel like my actual family. I have never felt so welcomed and loved by complete strangers. They are the reason I want to take my parents to Spain and introduce them to my city and the amazing family that essentially adopted me and made me feel like one of them. It definitely wasn't easy at first, going into a new home with new expectations, all in a language that is not my own. But they were incredibly patient and kind, and without me realizing at first, made sure I had the best possible transition to Spanish life. I know they will always be in my life, and I am so lucky to have found them.

I reflect back on all the things I did and I feel so lucky to have had this experience. I was able to teach English to young children, travel to many new countries, see a bullfight, participate in three different cultural festivals, and meet some incredible people. If you are considering study abroad, you owe it to yourself to make it happen!

21 years old
Stony Brook, New York

Most Amazing Semester of my College Career

Overall 10

Having never left the United States for more than 2 weeks, its sufficed to say that I was extremely nervous for my five month journey to Sevilla. I couldn't help but wonder if I had picked the right location, correct program, or if studying abroad was the right for me at all! Now having completed my study abroad journey, I wish on a daily basis that I could put my experience on repeat. Being that I had friends studying all over the globe through a series of programs, I am confident that CIEE International Business and Culture provides the optimal study abroad experience. CIEE's program was the perfect combination of gaining a unique cultural experience while still having an "at home" support system. From the moment I accepted my CIEE admissions to the last day of the program I had constant support, communication and access to CIEE's staff. CIEE was able to take a group of American students from all over the country and form a unique family that I am forever grateful for. They provided a series of cultural events to attend and made the assimilation to a new country as smooth as possible. The CIEE staff's love for Sevilla and dedication to creating a great student experience was apparent each and every day. Studying abroad is a huge decision and an unforgettable experience, and by choosing to be a part of this program I can guarantee that incoming students will leave Sevilla already planning their return trip.

How can this program be improved?
21 years old
Granite Bay, California

An Overall Fantastic Experience

Overall 10

My time in Sevilla with CIEE was truly life changing. I felt that my program provided us with so many opportunities to explore the city and region, and we even had an immersion weekend in Morocco! There was always an activity available if we wanted to participate, and through these experiences I was able to learn so much more about the culture than I would have on my own. The absolute best part of my experience was my host family, a mother and daughter, who made my semester so fun and comfortable- they are like real family to me now! I enjoyed most of my classes at the university, and aside from those couple less-exciting classes, this program was great from every angle.

22 years old
Boulder, CO

Fantastic Study Abroad Experience

Overall 10

CIEE's IBC program was a one of a kind study abroad experience that I will forever treasure. I was looking for a program where I could immerse myself in the culture and language, meet lots of new people from both Spain and elsewhere, and challenge myself academically and personally. This program proved to be everything I was hoping for and more. The home stay component and excursions unique to CIEE participants were by far the best parts of this program and I can't imagine my experience without them. I still keep in touch with my home stay family and the lifelong friends I met on the program, and I can't wait to go back to Seville!

How can this program be improved?
Nothing to change, this program was the best!
22 years old
Summit, NJ
Cornell University

Unforgettable Experience

Overall 9

CIEE IBC was the best decision I made for an abroad program. Not only was everything very well organized but the staff was outstanding at providing support and guidance throughout the semester. The home-stay aspect was the most valuable part of the program because it provided a true cultural immersion in Seville and dramatically helped me improve my Spanish. I have made lifelong bonds during the program with both American and Spanish students, and I don't think that would have been possible without the support of CIEE.

How can this program be improved?
More opportunities to interact with Spanish students (instead of just the intercambio program)
21 years old
Andover, Massachusetts
Pennsylvania State University

Study Abroad In Sevilla, España

Overall 10

I had an AMAZING time in Sevilla and I can honestly say studying there through CIEE was the best decision I could have ever made! It made me grow on so many levels. I was able to learn about many different cultures with the 5 months that I had to travel around Europe and even to Morocco, Africa. When abroad I actually met a Spaniard who I am still currently dating. I think having him allowed me to experience the culture much more in depth. I was able to visit small Spanish towns all around Sevilla and I was able to communicate with locals which further helped me advance my Spanish skills. I met many people and I learned so many things that I would have never learned without studying here.

How can this program be improved?
Nothing needs improvements, everything about it was perfect!

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