CIEE Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain
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CIEE Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain

Come to Seville and develop your advanced level Spanish skills while enjoying extensive course offerings in nearly every academic discipline.

With a curriculum built specifically for CIEE students; direct enrolment options at two local universities; homestays; a language exchange; and volunteer opportunities, studying abroad in Seville offers you a unique academic and intercultural experience.

Study abroad in Seville and you will:

- Study at one of the oldest and most prestigious study abroad programs in Spain, chosen by thousands of U.S. students since its inception in 1971

- Learn outside the classroom through weekly educational activities and excursions to sites of cultural significance

- Immerse yourself in the local community through special interest groups, homestays, Intercambios, and volunteer opportunities

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The program fee includes:

- Tuition and housing
- Pre-departure advising and optional on-site airport meet and greet
- Full-time program leadership and support
- Field trips and cultural activities
- CIEE iNext travel card which provides insurance and other travel benefits

CIEE also offers a wide variety of scholarships for participants; see website for details.

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The ideal study abroad experience!

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of CIEE's Liberal Arts program in Seville, Spain. I always had my heart set on studying in Spain. My school had partnered with CIEE to offer a program in Seville, but I was a little skeptical at first. I had studied abroad with a third party program before and was not thrilled. I liked what the program had to offer, but I was unsure the academic rigor, home stays, and excursions would meet my expectations. I am glad to say CIEE vastly exceeded my expectations. My homestay was flawless, the excursions were JUST what I was looking for, and my classes forced me to think. In fact, I ended up getting more B's than A's.

I was most impressed with the quality of the staff. I accidentally left my laptop in the Madrid airport on my way to Seville and the CIEE staff was instrumental at helping me getting it back (for free). They were more than exceptional.

How can this program be improved?

Some of the class content and grading policies could be revised, however as a whole they were superb.

Yes, I recommend
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My Month in Seville Spain through CIEE

My experience studying abroad this past summer in Seville, Spain through CIEE was an amazing one. I was nervous to embark on this trip by myself, but knew I wanted an intense Spanish immersion experience in a city with rich history and culture. My four weeks spent with CIEE flew by, and that was thanks to the incredible staff, who were so helpful and accommodating, as well as the rigorous but fun education I received. My housing situation worked out perfectly, and fit the criteria I requested, and I thoroughly enjoyed my teacher and class material. My Spanish improved so much in the month I spent there, and classes were never boring or too overwhelming. The staff at CIEE were available always to answer any questions, and made sure that my experience in Seville was positive and memorable. There are so many things to do and places to see in this gorgeous city, and CIEE made it very accessible for everyone to make the most of their time there. All of the people in my program were awesome, and I made some great friends that I am still in touch with today. Seville holds a very special place in my heart, and CIEE plays a large role in that! I would definitely recommend this program and company to anyone looking for an incredible immersion and/or cultural experience!

Yes, I recommend
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Best Experience of my Life!

Going abroad with CIEE was absolutely life changing. I loved every second of it and never wanted to return home. The professors were incredible and the staff was wonderful. I never felt unsafe or like I didn't have any support. CIEE was fun, informational, and helped me reach my goals for my study abroad experience both academically and culturally. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in having an amazing experience abroad.

Yes, I recommend

Best Decision as an Undergrad

I would absolutely recommend this program. Sevilla is the perfect sized city, not too small and not too big. The entire city is full of so much history without the hassle of traffic or crowds. CIEE is also the best program in the city. My fiancee studied abroad in another program in Sevilla and we both agreed that my program was better. CIEE offers so many cultural excursions and tours that help you take the most out of your experience. CIEE places the majority of its students in homestay which is the best way to really immerse yourself in the language.

How can this program be improved?


Yes, I recommend
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Even a year in Seville wasn't enough!

I spent a whole academic year in Seville through CIEE's Liberal Arts program and leaving was not easy. Seville is such a prime location to study abroad in if you're looking for language immersion and culture. I really enjoyed the classes I took at the CIEE study center because all of them involved outside of the classroom learning and getting to know the city in different ways. In the cultural history course I took, we would spend the first half of the class in our classroom learning about a topic and then the second half walking around the city seeing what we had learned, for example we were learning about the Roman empire and right around the corner from our study center there were still Roman columns standing. One of my favorite things about Seville was that so much of the Muslim, Jewish, and Catholic structures from the past centuries still remain. You can get lost in the city's narrow streets or climb the Giralda to check out the view or do like the locals do and hang out along the river for hours or go for a beautiful run along Parque Maria Luisa! The Sevillanos are also a big part of what makes Seville so appealing. Their way of living, their passion for their art and dance, and how friendly they are made it easy to always want to be surrounded by them. Overall, every one's experience abroad is unique and it's what you make it but the CIEE Liberal Arts program definitely kept me interested in the courses and I had so much valuable information that even my local friends didn't know about their city! The staff at the study center was also very supportive and made me feel comfortable as well as helped me make local friends! I'd go on a CIEE program again because they really care about the individual student's experience and have so many great excursions and activities available for the students!

Yes, I recommend

Studying in Sevilla: not once, but twice

I won a scholarship to study in Sevilla with CIEE during summer 2015, and was so impressed with the program/in love with the city that I ended up returning for a whole semester. The entire experience was incredible and I could write forever about it:
There is the opportunity to take classes at the local universities (either with fellow foreign students or direct-enrollment with actual Spanish students); the orientation period is very useful in helping you get settled into the life of the city; there are loads of free events/site visits/excursions/trips all organized by CIEE; the staff (both professors as well as the coordinators/director) are all very friendly, accessible, and caring; you have the opportunity to volunteer, and meet Spanish students; the city itself is packed with beauty and culture. Sevilla is rich with history, and there is always something new to learn. There's always something to do- seriously, it's impossible to be bored here- and you can get a student discount on just about anything, from museum visits to bus/train fare. There are budget airline flights all over Europe, including popular destinations like London, Paris, Milan, etc. and a public bus to the airport runs every half hour for 4 euros, which is much cheaper than the 30+ euro that a taxi would cost. The nightlife is fantastic, but the city is also calm during the mid-afternoon (aka the siesta hours) and there are a million small cafés to choose from, whether you're looking for coffee or tapas or a study spot or somewhere to grab drinks with friends.
My experience with CIEE has been so positive that it actually ended up helping me figure out what I want to do with my life- I am hoping to work in the international education/study abroad sector someday, and I hope to help other American students receive the same impactful experience that I have had.

Yes, I recommend
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Sevilla: A beautiful cultural experience

During my time at the Sevilla CIEE study center, I was able to take interesting class that fit my two passions: teaching and Spanish. The study center is gorgeous and the professors were all very enthusiastic and willing to help you out in any way possible, class or otherwise. There are also always other Spaniards who work there hanging around to chat with or ask about anything. And not only was I able to take a variety of interesting classes there at the study center, but I also had the opportunity to take a class at the Universidad de Sevilla. All of these classes transferred back to my university in the United States, as CIEE is an established organization that has been working with many universities for a long time. My semester in Sevilla really was academically challenging.
The orientation process on-site upon arrival was also incredibly useful, not just showing you around the famous parts of the city, but actually showing you how to live and get around in Sevilla, so I felt prepared to get where I needed to on my own once the process was over.
With a variety of clubs, trips, and volunteer opportunities which are all already included in the cost of the program, I was really able to also get to experience many of the different parts of Spain and the variety of cultures which it contains. There were also many different events and activities sponsored by the study center to be able to meet Spaniards, make friends, and get to know more about the culture and community of Sevilla.

How can this program be improved?

The one thing that I think could be improved about this program is the strictness of the language promise. Everyone supposedly makes a promise to speak only Spanish, however the amount of English spoken was surprising to me. Occasional English could be expected, but even within classes on occasion there would be students who would speak English.

Yes, I recommend
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Seville: Culture, Lifestyle, and Adventure

The CIEE Liberal Arts program in Seville, Spain exceeded every expectation I had for abroad. I was able to travel throughout for all-expense paid day trips throughout Spain and a weekend trip to Granada with other people in my program! CIEE study center was an amazing open building with enthusiastic professors and hands-on learning that encouraged more cultural excursions in Seville. I loved the program so much I am now an ambassador on my campus for CIEE!

How can this program be improved?

All in all, I was unable to meet everyone in the liberal arts program because it was on the larger side. More activities including everyone would have been nice.

Yes, I recommend

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