Granada is a charming, vibrant Andalucían city in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The last stronghold of Muslim Spain, its Islamic past is apparent in everything from the architecture to the food. It is also a bustling college town, due to the presence of the prestigious University of Granada. As a result, the ratio of students to other residents is 1 to 10, which makes for a student friendly city with an exciting nightlife!

Students choose to study in Granada for its ideal geography: It's an easy trip to the mountains, the beach, and even Morocco. Enjoy Granada while sipping tea in an Arabic teahouse, admiring views of the Alhambra castle on one side and the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the other. ¡Venga!

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Granada’s unique culture is a blend of its rich history and its contemporary role as a bustling college town and tourist destination. As the last stronghold of the Islamic caliphate, Islamic influences are apparent in many aspects of the city’s culture. Studying abroad in Granada offers students an opportunity to learn about this fascinating era of Spain’s past through direct exposure to Moorish architecture, cuisine, and language.

Granada’s proximity to Morocco also offers the chance for students to study the connections between the two countries and easily pay a visit to Morocco. IES Abroad offers a collaboration between the IES Granada and the IES Rabat program, allowing students the opportunity to explore the historic and contemporary connections between Spain and Morocco.

Spending a year, semester, or summer in Granada means that you will have the chance to meet Spanish and international students and possibly even live with a Spanish family. An advantage of Granada’s status as a college town is that it is full of both Spanish and international students, giving you the chance to meet people your age with diverse backgrounds. Every study abroad program offers opportunities for immersion and exchange with local students.


Study abroad programs in Granada run an average of $10,000 per semester. When comparing prices, make sure to take into account what services are included and what are not. Most programs will expect you to cover your own airfare, but some will cover things like weekend excursions and social events. Jeramy Johnson of API writes, “Our programs are among the most affordable in the field of international education.” API programs in Granada include international and local excursions, a mobile phone, and an airport reception, among other things.

There are often scholarships available for studying abroad. Check with your university, with the program provider you choose, and apply for a study abroad scholarship with Go Overseas.

Culture Shock and Support While Abroad

Moving to Spain will present the particular challenges of adjusting to the Spanish schedule, a slower, more relaxed pace of life, and Spanish cuisine. You may find that you love the Spanish schedule and can’t get enough of Spanish food, or you may need some help and time to fully adjust.

When choosing a program to study with in Granada, you should consider the level of support they offer to their students. Programs generally have an on-site coordinator who is available to answer your questions and act as a cultural and language interpreter, as needed. Smaller programs have the benefit of sometimes being more personalized and student-friendly, offering more support services to students. For example, Arturo Artaza at ISA says, “We’ve heard from our alumni that students really appreciate the support services of our staff both domestic and abroad. Our staff members are reliable, offer up-to-date information and often personal tips from their individual experiences abroad.”

CEA also emphasizes the support services they offer and will go out of their way to make sure they are engaged with students. Sara Troy of CEA explains that CEA advisers were able to help one student pursue her passion while studying abroad in Granada: Baton twirling! CEA’s Granada programs range from Spanish Language to Arabic Cultural studies.

Granada is an incredible place to study and a popular study abroad destination for many Spain-bound college students.

Contributed by Zoe Fishman


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