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This program is designed for engineering, architecture, and science students who want to take courses taught in English or Spanish at two prestigious universities – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de San Pablo CEU. A range of engineering courses, from aerospace to telematics, allow opportunities for specialized study. And, general architecture courses, including introduction to architecture, drafting, and design courses offer students unique insights to their field. Science courses provide students the chance to study pharmaceutical science as well as food sciences, with courses in biology and chemistry, too. Students can mix disciplines or focus on single field for more concentrated studies.

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Yes—all my classes were taught in English except my intermediate level Spanish class. I went through IES and it was a wonderful trip provider. IES was there for me throughout my entire time abroad from everything to receiving packages sent from home to comforting participants through homesickness. I studied engineering at Carlos III and all of those classes were taught in English. Enjoy Madrid!!


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Great Program!!

I absolutely loved my time in Madrid and am so happy I chose to study abroad with IES. The staff is incredibly helpful and supportive and they organize trips and events throughout the entire semester. You really can't beat this study abroad program...

Living in Madrid was a wonderful experience. It is a vibrant city full of culture and things to do. IES had multiple optional events like museum visits, cooking classes, dance classes, walking tours of different parts of the city, etc, almost every week. Even if you choose not to participate in IES events, there is never a shortage of things to do during the day in Madrid. And of course, the tapas, sangria, and overall nightlife can't be beat.

IES planned 4-5 trips to different parts of Spain, all of which were a great time. You can also travel on your own very easily since the Madrid airport is a major hub and most students can choose to only have class Monday-Thursday.

Housing through IES was also very good. I chose to live in a homestay, which most students choose. IES works extremely hard to match you up with a Señora who will fit your needs (though all of them are truly great). Most students lived in a neighborhood where other IES students were, and all of us were close enough to a metro that meeting up was no problem.

There's a pretty extensive selection of classes you can take since you can choose from three different schools. The majority of the Engineering classes are in English but you'll be in a classroom with Spaniards, which is great, and the classes themselves are not terribly difficult. Classes at the engineering school are hit or miss in terms of how engaging they are but the classes offered at IES are all taught very well.

Overall, IES Madrid was a fantastic experience. I couldn't imagine having chosen to study anywhere else but this awesome city. IES made the transition incredibly smooth and the staff is extremely supportive. I made friends through IES that will last a lifetime and I am counting down the days until I return to Spain again. Go abroad, go to Madrid, and do it through IES... seriously.

How can this program be improved?
Classes at the engineering school aren't the best, but that's something that is really out of IES' hands. If you're an engineer, chances are you'll need to take engineering classes abroad. They aren't hard per say, just pretty boring and most of the teachers aren't great. But IES does set every engineer up with a private tutor, so most students do fine. Classes never got in the way of my traveling or going out, so I can't complain too much.
Yes, I recommend this program

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