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GBSB Global Orientation Day
GBSB Global Orientation Day


The Master of Arts in Tourism & Hospitality Management program offers advanced insight into the tourism industry and provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and interests within the field of hospitality management in the most exciting and popular touristic destinations in Europe – Barcelona and Madrid. This master applies broad perspectives on tourism by combing various approaches to global tourism companies, sustainable tourism, marketing of destinations, and emerging issues in international tourism and hospitality.
During the program you will learn the following subjects: digital advancements within the operations of tourism and hospitality management, sustainability and ethical business practices, your primary areas of interest and passion; whatever it may be, from working in luxury resort management to developing an online travel application.

  • JOIN THE GROWING GLOBAL TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Become a professional in developing global markets that have increasing growth in recent and projected years.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS REQUIRED BY THE DIGITAL ECONOMY Ensure you can compete in the tourism and hospitality industry as it moves towards digitalization.
  • PREPARE TO WORK IN DIFFERENT TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY SECTORS Specialize in your top areas of interest; whether it be in hotel management, at a travel agency or online booking platform, in sustainable tourism or the development of resorts and new destinati
  • PREPARE TO FACE THE INDUSTRY CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY Join tourism and hospitality professionals in pursuit of an agenda based on sustainability and ethical business practices.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BARCELONA Network and build relationships in a city full of leading international companies and large-scale industry events.

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