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How Much is a Study Abroad Semester in France?

How Much is a Study Abroad Semester in France?

Although France gets a rep for being on the expensive side, it does have some pretty sweet discounts for students (student discounts on 3-course lunch menus? Trains? Free museum passes? Yes, yes, yes!) and, as long as you're under 26, spending a semester in France actually isn't as expensive as it might seem. Granted, Paris will be more expensive than just about everywhere else in the country, but here's a roundabout estimate of how much a semester in France will cost:

How much can you expect to spend in tuition for a semester in France?

Technically, you could spend a semester studying French at the University of Montpellier or the Sorbonne for less than $4,000 -- possibly even as little as $1,000. However, go with a private program provider and that rate automatically triples -- with rates ranging from about $15,000 - $28,000.

Tuition for direct enrollment for a semester at:
Tuition for a semester with a program provider:

How much does it cost to live in France for a semester?

Again, Paris will be the most expensive city to live in, but smaller cities -- like Montpellier and Lyon -- are far much more reasonable.

Even so, with student discounts and the like, you'll be looking at about $1,800 for bare minimum living expenses for one semester plus about $1,500 - $2,000 in housing. Budget more if you plan on eating out once or twice a week, traveling, or if you're living in Paris.

Expense Estimated Cost
  • $13 - inexpensive meal
  • $56 - date at a mid-range restaurant
  • $36 - average weekly grocery bill
Monthly rent $375 - $600 for a dorm room or a room in a shared apartment.
Utilities About $159 per month
Cell phone About $22 per month
Local transportation Monthly pass about $53
Personal expenses
  • Pair of jeans: $95
  • 0.5L of domestic beer: $1.50
  • Cappuccino: $3
  • Movie ticket: $11
Total Expect to spend about $3,500 - 4,500 for one semester in France after airfare and program fees.
Source: France Numbeo

What's the average price of a flight to France?

To get to Paris from the United States, flights will range from $550 - $915. That number goes up if you're flying elsewhere in France.

How much does it cost to study abroad for a semester in France?

If, for example, you're spending a semester studying French at the University of Montpellier and get a super good deal on flights, you could get by with spending roughly $5,500 - $8,665 would be a more generous estimate for students directly enrolling in a French university. On the high end, a program with a third party provider could cost as much as $33,215. A more middle range number if going through a program provider is somewhere between $20,000 - $25,000.

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