So you are thinking about doing a summer study abroad and Rome caught your interest? Excellent choice! Not only will it be a valuable educational experience, but Rome is also a fantastic destination to sniff up some cultural history, indulge in the fantastic Italian cuisine and do some amazing sightseeing.

Program Types

Besides our handy dandy list of program options just there to the right (>>>>), here are a few other study abroad programs to consider in Rome next summer. There are a lot of different courses available for you to choose from, depending on your needs and wishes.

Direct Enrollment

One option to consider is direct enrollment in an Italian University for study abroad. Examples include John Cabot University, which offers two different kind of summer programs. The Lorenzo de Medici, another Roman university, offers many different courses to choose from, ranging from architecture to international business.

Language Programs

The most obvious choice is of course an Italian language study. These courses are generally available both as an intensive version and as a non-intensive version. The latter will give you plenty of time to incorporate excursions and other activities in your trip. The benefit of a language course is that the prices are very reasonable compared to other programs. The most renowned schools offering Italian language courses are the Leonardo da Vinci institute and the Dante Alighieri Institute. Prices start around $1300 for a four week course.

Subject Specific Courses

If on the other hand you are looking for programs that focus on a specific subject, perhaps to match your college major/minor/etc, you could opt for a specific course program. Popular courses in Italy include Anthropology, Culinary Arts and the Classics. These courses are often hyper-specific and at highly reputable institutions (they could turn your already good resume into an outstanding one!).

Third Party Providers

Providers such as AIFS, SAI Programs, and IES Abroad also host a wealth of awesome study abroad opportunities in Italy. Check them out and pick the best one for you!


What Makes Rome the Ideal Summer Study Abroad Destination

You’ll find that life in Italy is very much passionate, optimistic and with a strong belief of living life to the fullest. After all, the Italians are well known for “la dolce vita”. The lifestyle in Italy is very much focused on life outdoors. You will see children playing on the streets, the elderly who get together in parks to chitchat and the working people who go for an “aperitivo” on the main square after work.

This makes spring and summer the best periods to visit Rome and experience life outdoors. Another reason to visit Rome during the summer is that most, if not all, of the festivals take place during the summer. In Italy many of the small villages hold their own festival to celebrate their village and this usually involves a local product for which they are well known. The surrounding cities of Rome hold beer festivals, strawberry festivals and, of course, spaghetti festivals. During these festivals the locals get together, enjoy live music and most importantly they eat.

If you have the possibility, plan your summer study during June and/or July. August is the favorite month for Italians to go on holiday as most companies (and shops) will be closed a few weeks near the 15th of August which is a national holiday (Feast of the Assumption of the virgin Mary, or “Ferragosto” as it is called in Italian). Those who aren’t able to plan their getaway during august will take every opportunity they get to go to the beach. In any case you will find yourself in a deserted city during august.

Insider Tips

I myself had the opportunity to study in Rome for a period of 5 months as an exchange student. I absolutely loved my time in Rome and would recommend it to anyone. During my stay in Rome I discovered some really cool places that I would like to share with you:

  • You have to visit Bar Pompi at least once. Once a week that is, because their tiramisu is really that good! I recommend the strawberry tiramisu.
  • Peek through the keyhole on the gate of the headquarters of “I Cavalieri di Malta“(Knights of Malta). You will see a garden path with bushes that frame St. Peter’s cathedral perfectly.
  • Of course there are a million pizza restaurants to choose from in Rome but finding a good one is not that easy. Try La Focaccia in Via della Pace 11 (near Piazza Navona) and I am sure it will become your favourite pizza restaurant, too.
Contributed by Morena van der W.
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