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The United Kingdom has a rich and deep history that is well documented through the ages. Come explore the beauty of the countryside in one of Institute for Field Research’s United Kingdom field schools.

Our United Kingdom field programs cover many different eras of history in this region. Whether you want to discover a pre-Roman Iron Age site and the largest hillfort in Wales, a Roman Calvary fort in the historic village of Ribchester, or uncover the horrors of witch trials in Lancashire, we have a field program for you!

Come with us this summer for an experience that will benefit you throughout your career and beyond!

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Great Program

Penycloddiau prepared me in every conceivable aspect for future work and research in archaeology. My undergraduate archaeology classes now cover familiar ground, and I can safely say I am well versed in archaeological field methods. I attended field school to determine whether archaeology is a good career for me. Penycloddia allowed me to answer that question with a definiitive yes. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the program. I made a great deal of friends, and the new location of the field school allowed for some truly memorable cultural immersion.

How can this program be improved?
The scheduling could be more rigorous and definitive.
Yes, I recommend
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I had such a wonderful experience at Ribchester last summer. I'm actually back in the UK this term for a semester abroad, and I feel like field school last summer has definitely added so much depth to my courses both here and back in the states. I mean that mainly in the sense that I have a much greater understanding of how classroom archaeology/history/etc. applies in the real world and vice versa, and that it gave me a glimpse into the UK education system which has helped me adjust to classes this semester--and gave me an itch to get back into the field again. I would definitely recommend Ribchester to anyone interested in archaeology or classics or transitional periods in general, since part of what I found most fascinating was being able to see the interactions between roman and local identities in the late Roman period. Only thing to know going in is that you do live in a tent for a month, which I really enjoyed but isn't for everyone.

Yes, I recommend
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I was a great experience for me. I learnt various tools on an archaeological dig and how to process the materials led by professional and passionate archaeologist. The view on the hill is beautiful and it was great to chat with the student from ULiverpool. The teachers and site assistants were all very knowledgeable people with great amount experience of archaeology. They all love to share their stories and help the students to build their career in archaeology. You can also learn the process of archaeology and heritage-communication. The open day was brilliant, a lot of people came, locals and those from academia. The public has shown great interest to the project and wanted to learn about the site. I felt what I was doing was important in the sense to contribute to people's understanding of their homeland.

Yes, I recommend

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