Popular Mechanics STEM Experience at UCLA (Pre-College Enrichment: California) *NEW Program*

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Popular Mechanics collaborated with Westcoast Connection/360° Student Travel to develop a STEM program for teens interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This program is geared towards high school students in grades 9-12.

Get exclusive access to the editors of Popular Mechanics and participating STEM companies and attend hands-on sessions to inspire the next generation of engineers, coders, and innovators.

What you will learn:
-Basic coding
-3D printing
-Wood working
-Metal fabrication
-Aerospace and robotic engineering
-What it takes to create Popular Mechanics

Every participant will leave the campus of UCLA with the confidence and know-how to start and follow through on projects, as well as with firsthand knowledge of STEM fields and possible career paths.

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This Popular Mechanics STEM Experience is offered as a full-day option on West coast Connection / 360° Student Travel's Pre-College Enrichment: California program. Hosted on the campus of UCLA, we offer this program with the choice of 14, 21 or 28 day.
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Westcoast Connection/360° Student Travel has been organizing unforgettable, life-changing, enriching summer travel experiences to high school students for over 35 years. We offer 100 programs in over 20 countries in pre-college enrichment, community service, language, global adventures or active teen tours.

Some of our rather unique programs include: The American Red Cross program in Washington DC, the Seventeen Fashion Experience on the campus of UCLA as well as the Popular Mechanics STEM experience on the campus of UCLA.

Check out these or any of our other summer-of-a-lifetime programs today at www.westcoastconnection.com!