Let's Vietnam Program - 3 Weeks 3 Regions Study Tour

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LET'S VIETNAM PROGRAM is a 3 week journey through Vietnam’s 3 MAJOR REGIONS - designed for International and Vietnamese students who desire to explore the rich and diverse Cultural heritage, Economy and Nature of the 1000 year-old Vietnam.
Students will learn through attending lectures, on-site visits and immersion in the local way of life.
Program Includes:
• In Hanoi: Visit social enterprises, start-up businesses and lecture on politics.
• In Sapa: Visit indigenous communities and learn about their cultures through homestay in local houses and other activities such as trekking, growing rice, drawing with bee wax.
• In Hoi An – a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site: Learn about marine protection, climate change, water management, food security and safety and the city's preservation of old houses and other intangible cultural spaces through a ‘bike and boat’ tour.
• From Hoi An, you also get to go to Cu Lao Cham, an island marine park, where you’ll learn about the challenge of sustainable development in the area that seek to preserve the environment while also maintaining income generation opportunities for the local residents.
• In Ho Chi Minh City: explore both the modern and historical sides of Vietnam’s most dynamic and rapidly-developing city through:
City tour with local buddies.
Volunteering at local foster center for Agent Orange victims.
Visiting Big 4 (Leading Accounting and Consulting Firms in HCMC) and production sites.
Attending lecture on doing business in Vietnam.
Visiting the U.S. Consulate in HCMC.
• From Ho Chi Minh City, you get to visit Mekong Delta on a one-day tour. Mekong Delta, carpeted in a variety of greens and known to be the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam is where you will witness the 'life on boat' of the locals.

  • Explore the rich and diverse Cultural heritage, Economy and Nature of Vietnam through site visits.

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An Incredible Memory in Vietnam

What's most interesting about such a long trip is that you are motivated to learn more about yourself, whether you admit it or not. Living in a new culture totally different from what you are accustomed to makes you think deeply about yourself and the whole world. Personally, my favorite part was to make friends with new people and get to know themselves and their fantastic future plans.

The program integrated a lot of activities, but still spared time for me to enjoy freedom. Honestly, that was among the best study journeys in my life.

Yes, I recommend this program


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