One year Academic Teaching Program

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Our company specializes in academically assisting students preparing to attend college in the United States. Teachers will assist students in preparing for the American college examinations, specifically the SAT, the ACT, and the Toefl exam. In addition teachers, may also help students with AP courses and exams, reading comprehension, and creative writing. When not teaching class, teachers will help develop and research material to create new courses or help enhance current courses being taught.

Teachers will work a 40 hour work week with a maximum of 90 teaching hours per month. Anytime over 40 hours will allowed to be taken off at a later date. Any teaching hours over 90 hours per month will be compensated at 200rmb/hour. Teachers will also be expected to work on weekends as many of the classes are on Saturday and Sunday (weekdays will be taken off to compensate).

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