Teacher Link's 4 Week Residential Classroom Course (120 hours) - Notarized & Authenticated Certificate
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Teacher Link's 4 Week Residential Classroom Course (120 hours) - Notarized & Authenticated Certificate

Teacher Link's unique TEFL course fully prepares you for the classroom and helps you build the confidence needed to be an effective teacher. Our intensive four week curriculum focuses on getting you many hours of hands-on teaching experience in addition to acquiring a working knowledge of the different TEFL approaches.

Our teaching practice includes one-on-one sessions with real students, small classes of 4-15 children aged 6-12 or adults, and large classes at poor primary schools in the outskirts of Shanghai with class sizes of up to 50 students. Observed Teaching Practice is the most important component of the program.

The course results in a notarized and State-level authenticated certificate. As of July first, 2017 all teachers in China need an authenticated certificate in order to obtain a legal work permit. We can also assist in the authentication of other documents (e.g. diploma).

The total course fee is 1690 USD, including the 600 USD deposit.

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Great Experience

I took the course in July of 2016 and loved it. I had this preconceived idea that everything would be extremely easy and it might be a waste of my money. But everyone at Teaching Nomads proved me wrong. The entire program is very thorough and everyone on the staff was very helpful with any questions that we had. Not to mention they were all very personal. Going through the course made me realize how unprepared I would have been if I tried to get a job without a TEFL certificate. I was employed within a week after finishing the TEFL course and now I feel confident about getting started.

Yes, I recommend
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TEFL course in Shanghai

All of the trainers were very helpful! We were teaching by the second week and getting feedback as well as getting feedback and help where we needed it, as well as learning about different styles of teaching and classroom techniques. Also very helpful with getting a job setup after and recommendations about the city and positions. It was great to see the different types of schools that we could work for and have actual time teaching the kids. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to teach in China.

How can this program be improved?
Hopefully it will expand to different cities inside China.
Yes, I recommend

Complete and compelling course

I've chosen this course because I wanted to improve my teaching skills. I had no experience before starting the course. The workload was challenging, the material compelling and the organization great. I was really happy to practice with real world students and to see my practical skills growing alongside to my theoretical preparation. The course was complete in providing pedagogical theories and practical games and activities. The feedback sessions were really useful to develop the critical thinking about me and the others. Moreover, the feedbacks from experienced teachers were an opportunity to understand my mistakes and improve. Overall it was one of the most beautiful experiences that I've done in my life. i feel ready and confident to start my new adventure as a teacher.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Program 10/10

When I decided to go to China as a native speaker, I figured I could just show up and get a job. Could I have done that: probably. Am I glad I decided to spend a little money and hook up with the Teaching Nomad team: 100% YES.

Seriously, I was nervous and if you are reading this review then you probably are too. But everything about this company is great. Great program, great teachers, great people in general as a matter of fact. They helped me during every step of the transition, from packing, to getting a job placement. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. Feel free to contact me if you want specifics or have questions.

Yes, I recommend
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Best value course on the market

Teaching Nomad is a great program where you get to learn by actually trying and doing and struggling and even some failing. In my class there were only three of us and they still treated us as a formal class. The moderators are friendly and helpful, some of which I still see around and consider my first few friends in Shanghai. While you work through the course (make sure you do the portfolio work) they find placements for jobs and negotiate things like guaranteed Z visa for work so that you can be teaching legally and as soon as possible. Ginger, Nik, Nicole, and Lisa are a nice blend of trainers that give helpful insight and care about turning out quality teachers. Schools offer jobs before the interview because they know Teaching Nomad is good. It says 4 weeks but it's really more like 3 long, intensive weeks. Gives you a good sense of the difficulties of teaching. If you have any uncertainties just ask to talk with one of the former trainees. You absolutely will not regret this, it was the smartest thing I did before leaving the States to come to China.

How can this program be improved?
The theory parts can be dry and boring, and building the portfolio feels tedious, but its just like a really short and difficult university course.
Yes, I recommend
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Real World Teaching

Nothing prepares you better for teaching English as a foreign language better than getting up in front of a class and just doing some actual teaching. With many chances to observe other teachers and several practice classes guided by my own lesson plans that are followed by feedback from professionals, this program really helped me get ready for teaching English in China. We also put ourselves in the shoes of students by taking a mock foreign language class so we could understand how difficult it is and how important it is to have students participate. There was good exposure to the various teaching theories that we could apply to our classes. It is important to understand which techniques are effective for each type of student depending on their age, level, background and goals. One cannot forget grammar as well. Especially native speakers who know the rules, but might not be able to explain them very well without some prior review. I have a much better grasp on all these concepts after taking this teaching English as a foreign language course.

Yes, I recommend
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Zero to Hero

I was thoroughly impressed by Teaching Nomad's in class TEFL course. Ginger and his team do a fantastic job in moulding you with all the necessary skills to become a competent teacher. Prior to enrolling in the course I had no experience teaching English. I even had issues speaking publicly. By the end of the 4 week period I was competently teaching a class of 20 plus students. Something I never could have dreamed possible from an online TEFL certificate.
The practical side of the course with applied in class training really did add huge value. Not only are you equipped with the theory and knowledge of how to teach, but you're placed in front of volunteer ESL students and required to actively teach using the skills you adopt. They really do take you from zero to hero.
The culture shock of entering China (if it's a first time) is made a lot more tolerable as well, with TN streamlining the whole assimilation into Shanghai life. All in all a great course run by professional and competent trainers. I'd highly recommend to anyone considering a job in the profession.

Many thanks Teaching Nomads!!

Yes, I recommend
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a Good learning experience

The head trainer of the course was very helpful and professional. We had a lot of teaching experiences. The mentor of the course gave very consistent teaching advice and helped in every possible way. We met interesting new friends and hard-working people. The course taught me a lot about the students of the country where I took the course. The trainers were very understanding and sympathetic in our challenges during the course.

Yes, I recommend
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Grateful for the experience

Thank you Ginger and the team for providing me the opportunity to learn so much during the course. Teaching practice was especially useful and was organized excellently. Through practice and the mistakes we made we were able to learn a lot thanks to our teachers’ professional feedback, guidance and support. They guided us through our teaching experience and trusted us to become better teachers. All of us were able to improve greatly. I also want to note that since the beginning of the course the organization was very good and everything was looked after. Special thanks to Ginger who showed great management and punctuality. He took all of our concerns or questions seriously and was very attentive to detail. He never left any problems unsolved. It was a real pleasure to be around such a professional.

Yes, I recommend
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The best TEFL course in China!

If you are looking for a worthwhile (and crazy fun) TEFL course, look no further than Teaching Nomad. They really are the greatest.
The support I received from this company right from the get-go was astounding. My thousands of questions were always answered promptly and thoroughly.
The course content was useful and well-presented and the observed teaching practice was the best way to put the theory we were learning into practice.
Our trainers all went well beyond what was required of them- not only did they do a fantastic job of imparting their knowledge on us, but they also helped us with many day-to-day tasks like organising sim cards, helping with directions, and so much more!
The job support I received was also incredible!

Thank you so much to everyone who was part of this course in any way- I had the greatest time and am looking forward to teaching in China!

Yes, I recommend


My TEFL experience with Teaching Nomad has been an incredible one. Everyone from administration to the trainers has been incredibly helpful and responsive.The course was well designed for us trainees to comprehend and to better learn, understand, and experience the life of an English teacher in Shanghai. Ginger, Nicole, Lisa, and Nik has been amazing through out the course in answering every questions we had and coming up with every resources we needed. Thank you Teaching Nomad for this amazing experience!

Yes, I recommend
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"It's easy to be a bad teacher."

I took the TEFL 120hr in-class course in Shanghai and I was so glad that I've did it. Although I had teaching experience prior to taking the TEFL course, I immediately realized it was the right decision to be TEFL certified at the beginning of the course, because it helped me understand how to become a good teacher and at the end students are the ones who benefit from it. I got to understand how to help students improve their English in different kinds of doable and effective ways. I liked that the course had explained not only the perspective as a teacher but the perspective as a learner as well. Good teachers should always be ready to adjust to the student's needs.
The theories and material covered in the course were realistic (very user-able). Although the study workload was very heavy, it would be worth and paid-off as soon as the teachers applied the theories or the teaching skills into their own classes and noticed how effective they were.
I love one of the quotes from my instructor, Steve, "It's easy to be a bad teacher," as it reminds me of how to NOT become a bad one. I strongly believe that teachers should never stop learning.

During the course, situations happened. Sometimes things were subject to change. But the manager was beyond helpful. He was caring to all the trainees and always offered help when needed. Last but not least, the TEFL course is an intensive course and don't expect it is easy. But you will not go wrong for the time and effort you spend if you plan teaching as your career. For any teachers who are looking forward to improve their teaching skills, I would highly recommend taking this course with TN TEFL Academy.

How can this program be improved?
provide administrative assistance like printing (color if needed), scanning, laptop (for songs in class)
Yes, I recommend
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Teaching Nomad TEFL Program

Teaching Nomad's TEFL program has been a wonderful experience. Myself, coming from a non teaching background, now feels fully equipped with the skills and confidence to make a success in my change of career. All those involved in the program were impeccable in the teaching and administration of the TEFL program. And at no time were we the students left feeling isolated and without help and direction.
A deep thank you to all at the Teaching Nomad TEFL program!

Yes, I recommend
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I took the course in Shanghai this November and have no regrets. It was well worth the effort, time, and money. I had no teaching experience prior to the course, and I didn't have much confidence that I was cut out for teaching. Now, thanks to the Teaching Nomad crew, I am looking forward to starting a new teaching career in China.

The instructors, Lisa and Steve, made the course lectures interesting and relevant by sharing their own teaching experiences, both good and bad. They allowed other students with teaching backgrounds to share their experiences relative to the lesson. They were also very helpful and encouraging when giving feedback before and after the teaching demos.

The customer service beyond the class is also top notch. Ginger (TN Program Manager) went out of his way to help myself and others get accommodated in Shanghai. He was always quick to address any questions or requests made by the students. He also gave great teaching advice and feedback after our teaching demos.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely recommend the TN TEFL course to anyone interested in teaching abroad.

Yes, I recommend
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Great Course, Great Experience

Firstly, I would like to begin by thanking Teaching Nomad for the commitment and professionalism shown towards not only the course but it's trainees as well. Secondly if you are interested in pursuing a teaching career in China then I would highly recommend the 120 hour in-class TEFL course. This program is designed to help individuals gain a better understanding about teaching and the dynamics involved in it. The course provides it's students with a solid framework from which you are then expected to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained. All in all the program was a success and one will have no trouble finding a job at the end of it. Lastly I would like to express my gratitude to Ginger, Lisa and Steve. These are the best trainers one could possibly ask for. They are patient and are always willing to help you no matter what.

It's been a pleasure

Yes, I recommend

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Teacher Link's unique classroom TEFL course fully prepares you for the classroom and helps you build the confidence needed to be an effective teacher. Our intensive four week curriculum focuses on getting you many hours of hands-on teaching...