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Teach English in Palestine is designed for those who want to teach English to Palestinians (Conversational part) and those who would love to interact with Palestinian community members in general. In addition, this program gives a great opportunity to those who want to travel to Palestine, visit historical sites, get to know the Palestinian culture, live with a Palestinian host family and the most importantly leaving a very positive impact on the Palestinian community.

This program simply includes teaching English to Palestinian children who ages 6-12-year-old, adults and community members (you can choose which target group you want to work with). You will be focusing on the conversational part of the language which includes how to deal in situations, how to answer questions and how to know the very important words that someone needs in certain subjects.

  • Teaching Palestinian children, adults and community members and interact with them.
  • Learn how to manage an English class.
  • Learn new simple methods of teaching English.
  • Participating in our social and community activities.
  • Getting 3 hours of Arabic per week.

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Palestine! I will definitely come again!!!

Palestine is a place that I dreamed to visit and discover, I was seeing Palestine through the TV or on YouTube, but it wasn't as I thought it would be. Palestine was for me all about conflict, tensions and riots and there is no one inch is safe. However, yesterday I came back from this unbelievable experience in Palestine. I have joined Teach English in Palestine program for one month and I would say it was an AMAZING experience ever. Palestine is so beautiful, people are very nice, food is delicious and the atmosphere all in all was amazing. I think the country is misunderstood by many people in the world, including me!

The program was very good, I taught English to adults who are 17-21 years old. The connection between me and the students was indescribable, the students were very eager to learn English and interact with all topics we have discussed during the class. The Palestinian center's staff were very cooperative especially Ms. Ahlam who helped me a lot during teaching English at the center. The center is very cozy place where I met internationals from many countries in the world and I got to meet locals who are interested to know more about other cultures. Arabic was also part of this great experience, I have learned many things in the language and I would sure continue learning it! Thank you so much for this great experience and hope to see you all in the future!

What would you improve about this program?
I think they need to work more on raising the awareness about the safety in Palestine and show the other side of it to change the mind of many of people around the globe who are afraid to come and visit Palestine like I was before!
Yes, I recommend this program

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