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TNT (Teacher & Teachers) Recruiting Agency is looking for native English speakers to teach ESL in South Korea. Positions are open in a variety of locations including Seoul, Ulsan, Bundang, Ilsan, Busan, Incheon, Ichoen, Daegu and Buchoen. Potential teachers are asked to forward a resume and a recent photo along with their preferred teaching locations. TNT will do its best to meet all of the needs of its teachers.

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I'd first like to start this review by letting everyone know that: for a first time Asian overseas ESL teacher I could not tell you how much this experience meant to me! It was an amazing life changing adventure!

I worked for a hagwon or private academy in Korea teaching kindergarten. My flights were paid for before I left my home country and I was picked up from the airport and driven to the city of Seosan. At first I was in culture shock and I felt a bit lonely. This would all change as I interacted and built relationships with my student and met other foreign teachers in the area! My school was amazing. It had everything I needed to create an evolving learning environment for my kids. The latest technology along with some fun games and playrooms! At first I was the only person at my school that could speak English so as a teacher I was isolated but soon we got a coteacher that could speak English and we soon became good allies! I soon jumped into the local community and I felt at home as if I had grown up here! My social life was on fire!! The last thing you want to do is sit at home by yourself when you should be out diversifying your life experiences! So I did just that. I threw myself into the program and the city and let me tell you before I had to come home I cried, my students cried, my friends cried! Seosan ended up being my family/home away from home!

I have to thank TNT recruitment for making this possible. I was able to talk with James every night before I left and he assured me everything was alright and he made me feel so comfortable! I told him what I had in mind and he found the perfect match for me. He was available to help me if I ever needed anything and he was also willing to help get me extra side jobs for extra money if I wanted. So if your thinking of teaching anywhere overseas please look into TNT recruitment and consider Korea! It may not sound as exotic as some places but I was always a cheap flight away to the nearest paradise when I had vacation time...and let me tell you there are so many holidays in Korea!!! Plus the pay was really good! Some of the best pay you will find teaching ESL in Asia! So consider Korea, consider TNT recruitment...and just DO IT!!!!


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The TNT (Teacher & Teachers) Recruiting Agency is looking for ESL teachers to teach in South Korea. Potential Teachers are required to be a native English speaker and hold a valid passport from the United Stated, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland,...