Affordable Paid Teach English Placements in Spain
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Affordable Paid Teach English Placements in Spain

Are you a Junior or Senior at the University? Or, do you already hold a Ba or BS degree. Become a language assistant at a public school in Spain for a school year. Paid positions that gives you work experience and allow for time to travel around Spain, Europe and other near by countries.

NIK | LAS offers you three Teach programs in Spain:
* Teach in Spain: teach English in a local Spanish school as a teacher's assistant
* Tutor and Stay with Homestay in Spain: Live with a Spanish family in exchange for few hours of English tutoring
* Teach and study in Spain: Allows for language improvement and tutor English placement with host family to offset the cost

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6-12 Months
Salary / Benefits
500 to 1000 eur/mth
Host Family

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