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Due to global health & safety concerns and travel restrictions related to the coronavirus, Teacher Link has decided to pause some of their upcoming programs temporarily and may be offering flexible booking options and/or online programs as well. Learn more about COVID-19 updates to stay tuned regarding program information.

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Teacher Link and Teaching Nomad are proud to present our brand-new Teaching ESL Online Program. This course will prepare you for teaching in an online environment, and we can help you find an online teaching job afterwards.

Teaching ESL online is a great way to earn some extra money on the side, and it also gives you more experience to add to your resumé! However, jumping into an online teaching job without preparation can be detrimental. Learning the basics of how to teach online and more specifically how to teach ESL online will benefit you more than you can imagine. Plus, many online teaching companies require their teachers to have some kind of certification before they can begin teaching.

How does the course work?

You'll go through each chapter and take a quiz at the end to ensure your understanding of the material. At the very end of the course, you'll take a final exam, and if you pass, you'll be awarded an online ESL teaching certification!

  • Flexibilty.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Work remotely.
  • Earn great money.

TEFL Course Live!

TEFL Course Live - Only $990 USD
Get started on your TEFL course from the comfort of your own home. TEFL Course Live follows the same curriculum as our in-person TEFL course and features our TEFL instructors leading the lessons. Enroll in one of our future cohorts when students return to classes in Thailand / Shanghai.

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