Flexitime TEFL Course in Thailand and Job Placement Guarantee

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Text & Talk TEFL Academy 'Powered by Teacher Factory Group' has been providing world-class TEFL Courses in Thailand for over 20 years.
We have produced over 3,000 TEFL Graduates who teach all over the world. We also offer a job placement guarantee and scholarship (full TEFL fee refund) program for all eligible candidates.

Our recently launched TEFL Course under the name 'Flexitime TEFL Course' is a mix of home study and in-class tuition. The home study portion consists of research assignments based on the modules (available online via Google Classroom) and the in-class tuition consists of the practical aspects of teaching (practice teaching at Thai Schools, corporate client field trips, deportment & image consultation, one-on-one coaching, and presentation skills in the classroom).

  • Deportment & Image Consultation
  • Thai Immersion Outings
  • Job Interview Preparation & Assistance
  • Survival Thai Lessons

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  • Instruction 9.2
  • Support 10
  • Value 9
  • Academic Rigor 7.6
  • Job Assistance 8.4
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Text & Talk TEFL Course Review

Teaching English abroad may sound glamorous to those who haven’t done it before. However, when faced with awed students for the first time, I realized I need more than just English-Speaking skills.

I enrolled with Text-and-Talk TEFL Academy and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences I had. The course materials were impeccably written with a sense of concern for the local learners. With the amount of time given to read and answer the manual questions, I would say I have much respect to the author. The modules provided a lot of what is needed to plan your lessons, teach and deal with your students. Another aspect that was taught was being able to entertain your students. This proved to be extremely important when teaching young learners and can still be applied to older groups.

During the course, the trainers shared all the necessary methods of teaching in order to become the quintessential teacher. I learned how to properly convey what I know, and concept check the students to make sure what I taught, was understood. I learned how to prepare proper lesson plans using the PPP methodology, which I think is the most effective way to teach.

I really enjoyed the color analysis activity during the course. The activity showed us the best colors that matched our personalities and we were recommended local stores that sold affordable clothing for if we wanted to enhance our wardrobe.

At the end of the course, I conquered my slight fear of speaking in front of an audience. This was done through various daily practice exercises in a simulated, real classroom setting. The practice teachings were definitely a great experience and we were able to improve our teaching styles with the help and coaching from the TEFL Team.

I also learned how to handle various problems that may occur in most Asian school settings, like wide-eyed students who will have no idea what you’re talking about, students who will lose focus and distract others and more. I learned how to do verbal and non-verbal communication, and which one is more effective in certain situations. Most importantly, the TEFL Course opened a shut window, an opportunity for personal growth.

All that being said, I would say I learned more than what I expected, and it was an amazing experience. I would like to give a big thanks to the TEFL Team for all they have done, from preparing all of our lesson materials, to facilitating the practice teachings and corporate field trip, to the amazing surprise video on graduation day.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Text & Talk Review

From the beginning, I was provided with answers to all of my enquires from the Text & Talk Academy team. They were professional and clear with what I needed to do and despite my many questions, they were able to answer all of them.

Text & Talk TEFL Academy offers an excellent programme, full of detail and very useful information. The trainers and the rest of the team have been amazing, and they definitely add great value to the TEFL Course. They provided us with a lot of knowledge in regards to presentation, deportment, and teaching skills. Each skill taught to us is not only for the classroom, instead, each skill provides benefits to our daily-life situations. Every aspect regarding the course from instruction to the overall experience was awesome!

The content of the modules is very informative and simple to follow. In my opinion the assignments require a bit more time to complete, but with the guidance from the trainers, I was able to get through them with ease. The Lesson Planning aspect was great, and the Lesson Plan Flow Chart made it really simple to understand the different stages of planning and to collate all the information in order to produce an effective Lesson Plan.

Travelling in and around Bangkok during the course was a breeze thanks to the recommended apps from the TEFL team. They certainly made our lives and commutes much easier.

Apart from that, we got the opportunity to explore Bangkok on our own. The Text & Talk team recommended us a number of places to visit and even some ‘hidden gems’ that provide great value for money!

One of my many great memories at the Academy was our immersion trip to the Weekend Market, nearby. We got to experience street food to our heart’s content and see just how lively and active the location was. Another enjoyable moment during the course was the ‘colour analysis’ that we were given. This was to provide us with the colours and tones of clothing that would best match our personalities and this would make us ‘shine’ whenever we went out or if we went to teach.

Overall, my experience was awesome and I’m ready for my future as a teacher!

Finally, I want to give a big and heartfelt thank you to the amazing Text & Talk team and I appreciate all that they have done, beyond measure.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Text & Talk TEFL Course Review

Text & Talk TEFL Academy has given me a great experience in Thailand. Before even boarding the plane to Bangkok, the team at Text & Talk provided me with all the necessary information to streamline my journey. All information was clear and easy to understand and once I arrived, they picked me up from the airport and took me to my pre-arranged accommodation.

Text & Talk offers an excellent programme, full of very useful information that would assist me with teaching and communicating with the Thai people on a daily basis. We were given a number of recommendations to make our stay more convenient. Some recommendations were: highly useful travel apps for buses and commuting, local places to explore for food and shopping, and more!

One of the most fun days we had was our trip to the Weekend Market where we experienced a variety of street food and inexpensive shopping. After the trip we were given recommendations of where to explore, next.

The content of the modules is very informative and easy to follow as it is clearly written with real world examples. The assignments we were assigned will take some time to complete, but through that, you end up learning much more than you expected.

The outline of creating a lesson plan was one of the most useful bits of information. The Lesson Plan Flow Chart clearly showed all stages in a lesson and all we had to do was plug in our information. This made creating new lessons very easy and saved a lot of time. We were also taught some survival Thai Language during the course and that made our stay even more convenient.

It was quite an experience learning about Thai Culture and just how different it is from the West. Our trainers taught us the do’s and do not’s in Thailand and what we can expect while we are in Thailand. Overall, we learnt that the Thai people, in nature, are just so accommodating and are always willing to help us, whenever possible. As we explored Bangkok outside our study time, we took our newly acquired Thai Language skills and were met with many smiles from the Thais.

Finally, the course overall, helped me gain the confidence I needed to teach in a classroom environment. Even with my previous experience in teaching, this TEFL Course goes beyond what I know and further expands my knowledge. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have studied at Text & Talk and will miss my peers and the team.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Text & Talk Academy | TEFL Course Review

Around end of July 2018, I decided that I would like to travel to Thailand. I began searching the internet for different options, finding many websites and Facebook pages on teaching English in Thailand.

Some packages offered where either too expensive or lacking in content. if one wants to become a teacher, it is essential to have the correct training. Luckily, I managed to get in contact with a school friend who had told me about Text & Talk Academy. Still extremely skeptical, I took a chance and got in contact with the company through a man by the name of Charles Domingo whom assisted me step by step prior to arrival and post arrival.
I was collected from the Airport and taken to our prior booked accommodation. I was assisted with everything from where to go, what to eat, weekend outings, app suggestions (for travelling and communication) and even a printed map of our local area.

On arrival at the academy, my fellow trainees and I were introduced to the great team by our TEFL Trainers Ben and Miki. I was also introduced to the rest of the great team, Zelum and Charles. The entire TEFL team was professional, helpful and supportive. They were able to provide us with every answer to all our questions and they always looked out for our best interest.

Every day, we were handled with the utmost respect and always received 250% effort from the team. The course was tough, but by the end of the four weeks I was not the same person I stepped in as. Upon completion, I was amazed at the effort put into the graduation day which left me tearful. The surprise video on our graduation day was probably the most heartfelt thing I have experienced, and it reminds me that I graduate from the TEFL Course a new person and that I now have a family here in Bangkok.

I was assisted with job placement and I am now employed. My journey has just begun, however had it not been for Text & Talk Academy and all of its great people I don't believe I would have been able to say that I am confident to step into a class room and give a great lesson.

We will always be learning but being guided by the right people really helps. I will miss the Academy and its team.

How can this program be improved?
To arrange for a bigger class of pupils during the Practice Teachings Evaluations.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Text & Talk TEFL Review

At first, I was not sure how things would turn out since I was moving and starting a new life in a foreign country, and that is a big decision. My initial contact with Text & Talk Academy consisted of asking as many questions as possible, so I would know what I was getting into. Communication from the team was clear, prompt, and personalized, so I knew I was talking to a person and every bit of information was presented in a clear and concise manner. The course was very detailed. Initially, I thought it would really be easy to do the course, however, in my first few days I found out it was not nearly as I thought it would have been!

The course materials were very thorough and detailed, the assignments that we were assigned to us really helped going through the work. You will need to really study the theories and concepts in the modules.

The support and help we got from the Text & Talk team was really professional. From our questions about the course to recommended places to exploring Bangkok, the team were always there to help us.

I really think that we could not have chosen a better Academy to do the TEFL course.
The Text & Talk team organized everything, from accommodation, the usage of apps to make your life easier in Bangkok, and what we should and should not do in Thailand. They even organized our TOEIC Tests ahead of time. Basically, everything was streamlined and prepared ahead of our arrival in Thailand, and that allowed us to focus, more, on the TEFL Course and less on the logistics.

In the end, after an intense, but yet, such a wonderful experience and such a great learning experience, I am super grateful that I chose Text & Talk as the Academy where I wanted to do my TEFL course.

There were moments, at the Academy, where they absolutely surprised me, such as when they handed our certificates over at the graduation. They looked very professional and similar to what you would get when receiving a master’s degree. Another great surprise, which brought me to tears, was a special compilation video they made of our class (from Day 1 to Graduation), and that really touched my heart. The video made me realize that I did not just meet new people and made new memories, instead, I realized that I had gained a great family.

I will always keep the team in my heart and whenever I search for comfort or just want to talk, I’ll always go to Text & Talk Academy!

How can this program be improved?
Maybe just to provide a detailed budget of expected expenses. Other than that NOTHING! You are GREAT!
Yes, I recommend this program

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