Food and Wine Tour: Delicious Armenia 7-Day Tour

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The number one priority for Armenian hospitality is to feed our guests well, and frankly speaking, all our tours are actually gastronomic in their essence. Armenia is famous for its simple, but really delicious dishes and the impressions from visiting the country will definitely be more complete if you taste the main dishes of every region.

The tour includes several master class sessions during which you will be given an opportunity to take part in the cooking process of dishes and desserts under the guidance of professional mentors. And since many dishes and activities are seasonal, the tour program might be slightly changed depending on the season of the year. We would also like to emphasize that besides meal degustation, we have also included tastings of alcoholic beverages, and, as you already know, Armenia is famous for its wine and cognac. We will also try homemade vodka from local fruits.

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