10 day Yoga Retreat in Bhutan

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Gift yourself and renew your spirit with our yoga retreat this summer. The 10-day retreat will be a true bliss and facilitate self-discovery in the last Shangri-La (earthly paradise): Bhutan.

Experience yoga in Bhutan, where “happiness is a place” and where happiness meets peace. Our yoga retreat is going to be a complete transformation of your vacation experience as you blend the concepts of happiness with peace. Our retreat will surely make an intoxicating experience full of richness mirroring Bhutan, yoga, meditation and adventure. Combining wellness and culture, we will visit and explore Bhutan’s historic landmarks and sample local cuisine. This yoga retreat is a journey full of the adventure you seek, the peace of mind you desire and the relaxation you deserve. Come and see for yourself the pristine landscapes and why Bhutan is coined One Happy Place.

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