7-Day Gold Route Motorcycle Tour

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Both Sorata, as several cities in the province Lerecaja are considered the richest gold-bearing structures in the world. The way gold was traced and moved from pre-Columbian times and that activity is stimulated, from the colonial period who lived in this region of the continent. Wranglers and trails dedicated to gold miners transited the route Sorata - Conzata - Mapiri from deposits Tipuani, Guanay and others.

The first part of the trip will be crossing the Altiplano highland at a level of 3,800m above sea level and then heading over the Andean Mountain Pass to descend into the warm Yungas valleys, where is located the village of Sorata. Finally, on the last day, our tour climbs along the famous ‘Death Road’ to the High Mountain Pass of La Cumbre at cold 4,680m above sea level before descending to the City of La Paz.

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