Pantanal Jaguar Safari

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The Pantanal is the best wildlife destination in all the Americas! This is because of the incredible diversity and amount of animals, and also because wildlife is relatively tame here. Cattle ranches occupy a lot of the land, and are of such large size that there has been plenty of space for men and nature to give way to, and get used to each other. As a consequence of this, the beautiful Hyacinth Macaw lands just a few meters from our lenses, giant otters roam the river banks, capybaras graze peacefully on the pasture and in the lakes, and the jabiru, the world’s tallest flying bird guards the scene like an aging director. We have a 95% chance to get face-to-face with a wild Jaguar! Not just for a split second, but for half an hour, if we are lucky enough. We can watch them sunbath, hunt or occasionally even mate on the riverbanks.

  • Nearly guaranteed wild Jaguar sightings
  • The world's largest wetland.
  • Best wildlife destination in the Americas
  • Mammals are represented by giant anteaters, tamanduas, capuchin monkeys and marmoset
  • All of this is from comfortable riverboats

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