Rio De Janiro Wilderness Trek

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The 'Brazilian Yosemite' Expedition!

When thinking of Rio de Janeiro wilderness this is the pinnacle! An adventure designed to be the tops in Brazil. Get to know Rio de Janeiro well beyond the carnival and the traditional!

For 3 days we’ll be crossing one of Brazil’s first national parks, the Serra dos Órgãos natural reserve, for many the most beautifull Brasillina crossig, the Petrópolis x Teresópolis Expedition.

After that, let’s go for 3 more days camping in a place believed to be designed by the gods themselves, the Três Picos natural reserve at the God’s Valley, for many the “Brazilian Yosemite” experience for its topographical formation. We’ll camp at one of the most beautiful camp sites on the park in order to hike several small course trails to the summits around.

  • Get to know the most beautiful mountain crossings of Brazil
  • Discover the best views sobre the Serra do Mar
  • Get to know the biggest conservation unit of Rio de Janeiro

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