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This is the first half of our premier road-trip adventure in Canada.
15 days of pure awesomeness in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick.
Canada is one of the most exciting and rewarding places to visit in the world – from our national parks, natural wonders, funky towns and vibrant cities.

Canada is massive and incredibly diverse. Two million rivers big. A million moose big. And just about the size of all of Europe! We've created the ultimate Canadian road trip so that you can conquer the central and east coast well - unlocking the region like it never has been for travellers looking to go on a road-trip adventure. All with flexibility, and 2-3 nights in each location to soak it in.

Our trips feel more like a group road-trip - with a local expert leading the way. We'll always be on the lookout to share something special with you: an epic view, a great lookout for a sunset, a cool hidden street, or even just a starlit sky completely free of light pollution.

  • Explore many of our provincial and national parks by foot or boat including Algonquin Park, Saguenay-St-Lawrence Marine Park
  • Experience the stars without light pollution, forests further than your eyes can see, and wildlife in Algonquin Park
  • Witness 15m vertical tidal changes and walk on the ocean floor amongst flower pot rocks at the Bay of Fundy
  • Go whale watching by zodiac boat in one of the best places in the world to witness them – the St. Lawrence river near Tadoussac has over 13 species that migrate through the area
  • Explore the narrow and cobblestone streets of fortified Quebec City before or after a boite-de-chanson

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