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You can find snow-capped mountains, untouched jungles, deserts, and an abundance of rivers. Additionally, the country is home to multiple modern cities with rich culture and history, molded over centuries by ancient civilizations. You can enjoy a peaceful afternoon in a hammock, surrounded by the blue sea or you can venture to the coffee plantations and enjoy the smoothest and best coffee in the world. There is as much to do as your imagination can conceive. This is what this tour is all about!

  • Visit to antropologic and archeologic museum.
  • A nice horse riding to Tablón and Chaquira, great trekKing to enjoy the Andes landscape.
  • Tour to Magdalena river strait, spectacular rocky throught where the river need to cross by 2, 20 mts width.
  • Discover the Coffee cultural landscapes, Unesco Herintage and feel the contact with nature and colombian most famous product.
  • Walking tour around the park and main places of the colourful town of Guatape.

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