As one of the countries that make up the Scandinavian region, Denmark boasts a vibrant culture of food, music, architecture, and tradition that draws in millions of curious travelers each year. From historical Viking roots to enchanting authors who wrote tales of mermaids and princesses, Denmark has the kind of rich historical and cultural background that makes for a worthwhile trip overseas.

Denmark is also consistently ranked as one of the happiest countries on the planet -- if not the happiest. Once you hop on a tour of the country and explore cities like Aarhus, Odense, or the capital, Copenhagen, you’ll begin to see why this is.

A tour to Denmark is a well-rounded cultural experience. Having said that, booking any adventures around the country can be costly because Denmark is expensive, even compared to other European countries. Below, you can read about everything you need to know before heading to Denmark so you can plan and prepare for a tour of the country that is perfect for you -- and your budget!

Popular Activities

Bicycle Tours

Bicycles play a huge part in the lives of Danish people. As the main mode of transportation in urban centers, bikes actually outnumber cars in the capital Copenhagen. This makes going on a bicycle tour a top activity in Denmark. Join local, experienced guides who will take you on the best routes around cities to explore many hidden games and major attractions alike.

Nature Tours

Denmark might be a small country, but its unique geography makes it a fantastic country to explore. With so many islands and lots of coastlines, there are many tours that help you navigate the walking trails that cross the landscape in all directions. Denmark is also home to some beautiful wildlife like deer and foxes. In the Baltic Sea surrounding Denmark, visitors can embark on whale watching tours at certain times of the year, when many whale species pass through on their migration journey.

Historical Tours

You can’t go to Denmark without acknowledging its fascinating history -- from the Vikings and their tall ships that dominated the Scandinavian region to famous writers like Hans Christian Andersen, the author of “The Little Mermaid." Historical tours will help you see how Denmark has left its mark on history in many ways. Around the country, you'll be guided to explore medieval fortresses, cobblestone old towns, places of worship, and lots of vast complexes used by Danish royalty. In fact, many of these royal palaces, like Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, are still in use by the royal family to this day!

Cultural Tours

The Danish people have a term in their culture for their appreciation for life. It is called "hygge", and you will find many tours in Denmark that are dedicated to helping you learn about and experience it. In English, "hygge" roughly translates into "being connected to the present moment in a cozy atmosphere." This can be done either alone or with others. It’s something that you feel and acknowledges -- it is not something you can simply acquire.

Food Tours

Another huge part of Danish culture is their food. The Danes have a deep connection to food because it's an opportunity to experience "hygge." Because of this, numerous local food tours exist and are run by passionate locals eager to share this piece of their culture with you. There are lots of classic Danish foods like smørrebrød, which is an open-faced sandwich typically made with a dark or rye bread.

Planning Your Trip

Before you hop on a tour to explore the country, there are a few things you should know about traveling to Denmark. Below are a few of the key points like weather, packing tips, costs, and other helpful need-to-knows.

Best Time to Visit Denmark

Denmark enjoys more of a maritime climate. This means that while there are defined seasons, the weather can fluctuate drastically in a single day. The hottest, longest, and sunniest days are between May and August. This is also the time of year with the most tourists.

The shoulder seasons of March to April and the month of September can come with a bit more rain but are generally still enjoyable as the flowers bloom and the bird migrations occur. October is also not a terrible time to visit as accommodations are cheaper before the Christmas markets and holiday-themed attractions increase the prices again heading into December.

What to Look for in a Tour to Denmark

If you’re considering a tour to Denmark, you should be conscious of what is included in the price since generally this region of Europe is expensive. Be on the lookout for tour companies with good reviews -- and more than just a handful of them. Look for tours with detailed, well-laid out itineraries. You should feel confident and have your questions answered before you book any tour.

Typical Tour Cost

Tours of Denmark typically do their best to keep prices low with group tickets and shared transportation. That said, Denmark is not a cheap country to travel or live in. For comparison, a two-week tour of various parts of Scandinavia (that includes Denmark) can cost around $5,000. This price includes accommodation, transportation, a few activities, and a few meals. You will need to be mindful of extra costs like airfare to and from the tour start and end location and meals that aren't included for tour participants.

Packing Tips & Gear Rentals

Generally, packing light and having lots of layers to put on or remove is a good idea for a tour around Denmark. In the summer, the temperature can get hot (but not as hot as other parts of Europe in the south). Additionally, the wind can be quite chilly around coastal areas and in the north. A good windbreaker jacket that is also water resistant makes a great outer layer at all times.

Other Tips for Travel in Denmark

Most people in Denmark, especially those in the service industries, speak English. However, learning a few basic phrases in Danish will certainly score you some points with locals you interact with. Hello is “hej” and thank you is “tak!"

Health & Safety


Since Denmark is a developed nation, there are not too many health precautions you need to take. As with any destination, be sure to be up-to-date on your routine vaccinations. Always consider purchasing travel insurance for the duration of your tour, as well. Denmark has a world-renowned healthcare system, so you can be assured that you'll be well taken care of in case of unexpected sickness or injury.


Denmark is an extremely safe country for travelers. Taking normal precautions in large urban centers, like Copenhagen, will minimize you becoming a target for petty crime like pickpocketing. If you’re around animals and coastal areas, exercise a normal level of caution. Stay clear of cliff edges and check with locals about the tide and wave conditions.

Tours & Trips in Denmark

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