Amazon Kayaking Exploration

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A kayaking trip through the Amazon, complemented by hiking trails, will allow for the most intimate Amazon jungle experience. Our kayaks were designed for long distance expeditions enabling a safer and more comfortable navigation during which we will cover a larger area of nature than any other program in the market. Our native guides will provide great insight on the inhabitants and their relationship with the rainforest, including its significance and beliefs. To augment our cultural enrichment, we will visit a Kichwa indigenous community where we will learn about the Kichwa culture, crafts, traditional medicine, and ancestral uses of natural resources. A truly memorable and enriching experience!

Exploring one of the purest forms of nature in the world is a truly renewing experience. From the beginning of the trip, we will be surrounded by incredibly green and lush scenery. As we venture deeper into the jungle, we will experience true disconnection from our daily routine.

  • Discover Ecuador's Amazon, its culture and remarkable biodiversity

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