Spanish Immersion + Galapagos Tour (15 days)

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Spanish language enthusiast and travel lovers, you can’t miss this transformative Journey into a Language, a Culture, and a Destination!
Experience Quito, Ecuador for a month of Professional Spanish Lessons and see all that Quito has to offer!
Plus: See the rare scenes of thousands of species of animals, birds, and marine life on a 3 Day Tour of Galapagos Islands!
Most mornings will consist of 4-Hour Spanish Class Sessions but this Language and Culture Immersion Tour also gives travelers the rare privilege of getting to know Quito inside and out!
Also, visit the Mitad Del Mundo and the Intiñan Museum, and then hike up the slopes of the Pichincha Volcano!
And of course…Experience the Natural Wonder of the Galapagos Islands on an exclusive 3 Day Tour!
Diverse marine wildlife and mammals along with the rare birds and reptiles that can’t be seen anywhere else on earth beside the Galapagos will leave you speechless!

  • Amazing destinations, exploratory nighttime scenic tours of Quito, a carefully scheduled itinerary, and luxurious accommodations make this the Educational Vacation of a Lifetime!
  • Learn Spanish from Professionals all while practicing in Culturally Immersive Activities around Quito!
  • Visit Desired Destination Hotspots like Volcanic Crater Lakes, Scenic Hiking Trails, and Museums!
  • Dive into new experiences and culture yourself while improving your Spanish with activities like Salsa Lessons, Cooking Classes, and Marketplace Excursions into Quito and other exotic towns!
  • Witness the majestic Galapagos Islands on a 3 Day Tour for experiences that most people on earth will never have!

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