Linking Northern Africa and the Middle East, Egypt touts a history that includes some of the greatest contributions to modern civilization (government and written language being just two of many). Pair this with striking natural landscapes, fantastic structures such as the Ancient Pyramids of Giza, ultra-modern cities, and the shimmering aquamarine waters of the Red Sea, and you can see why Egypt is an incredibly compelling destination

As Africa's most populous country, Egypt welcomes visitors with open arms. Egyptians are traditionally proud to share their claim to Wonders of the World and ancient remnants with travelers, many of whom are surprised by the countless adventure travel activities as well. Egypt tours are a trip back in time, a trip to world away from most anywhere else you've been before.

Popular Activities

Desert Safaris -- By Camel or Jeep

The most common picture one imagines of Egypt is the traveler atop a camel, with the pyramids in the distance. This isn't a staged postcard: it's entirely possible to spend your time in Egypt exploring the vast desert landscapes by camel,
camping each night -- or by Jeep/4x4 if you're inclined toward more modern amenities.

History Tours

As you might expect, history is a powerful motivator when traveling to Egypt. Whether you want to explore the pyramids, tombs, or ruins of long-lost Egyptian cities, or spend time in wandering the halls of archaeological museums,
you can do either (or both) while touring in Egypt.

Scuba Diving

A surprising attraction of a country known for the Sahara desert, Egypt also happens to be a world-class diving destination. Several scuba diving spots in the Red Sea attract international travelers, such as Pharaoh’s Island at the Gulf of Aqaba (home to many eels and an island fortress), or the (in)famous Blue Hole in Dahab.

Planning Your Trip

Best Time to Visit Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is between November and February when temperatures are the most favorable. Winters can be brutal in the desert, and summers can be excruciatingly hot.

Additionally, note that Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, so travel during Ramadan (typically May, June, and/or July) will impact your tour as local guides and hosts will likely be observing the holiday and fast during daylight hours. Be sure to plan ahead if you book a tour in Egypt during this time, and consult with your tour operator to make sure you understand what restrictions (if any) you may encounter as a traveler.

What to Look for in a Tour

Make sure to research the reputation of the tour company or guide you will be going with, and ensure that they are certified if you plan on doing any adventure activities. Most of the time, tours will include transportation, and some may even include housing and meals, but make sure to confirm this in advance. Tours often range from several days to several weeks long.

Average Tour Costs & Length

The best time to visit Egypt from a budget point of view is from July until September, when it’s low season. Costs will typically be cheaper and tourism is at a low. However, keep in mind that it will be extremely hot and uncomfortable during the summer months.

A typical tour will vary in cost depending on the activities involved and the luxuriousness of your accommodation. Typically, you can find tours ranging from $100 to more than $500 per day, and a good tour to explore Egypt is 7-10 days in length.

Packing Tips & Gear Rental

Egypt is predominantly a Muslim country, so travelers should dress respectively, especially women. Although temperatures can soar during the summer, women should wear a long skirt or pants and a shirt with a higher neckline. Loose fitting, cotton clothes are standard and will be comfortable. Men should wear long shorts and a t-shirt. Wearing modest clothes is respectful, but will also deflect unwanted attention for women. When going to the beach, wear a t-shirt and shorts in the ocean.

If you're traveling to the desert during your tour in Egypt, be sure to pack layers: even in months with more comfortable temperatures in the city, the desert will have hot days and chilly nights.

Other Tips

Egypt requires a visa which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport.

Health & Safety

Egypt is known to be prone to political attacks at any point in time. Visitors must be wary of this and take the necessary precautions if there is an attack. Know where the nearest embassy is for your country, and make sure you are in a safe environment at all times. Egypt is also prone to terrorist attacks, so stay alert, know what to do in case of an emergency, make sure to notify your country that you will be traveling in the region, and pay attention to travel alerts.

Although there are no necessary vaccines for those traveling to Egypt, it is highly recommended that visitors be up to date on any necessary vaccinations, including their Hepatitis A shot.

Remember to only drink the bottled water in Egypt. Stay hydrated, since temperatures tend to be quite hot. If you’re in the Sahara Desert, make sure you’re constantly drinking water to avoid dehydration, and always use sun protection (including a hat and sunscreen).

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