France: The Divine Feminine

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Journey with us to Mystical France, where legends of Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Knights Templar, The Holy Grail, Black Madonnas, and Isis have long thrived in this sacred landscape. An in depth study of The Gospel of Mary and The Nag Hammadi texts provides a deep understanding of Jesus’s teaching on the soul’s journey and how Gnosticism was experienced in the early Christian era. You are invited to connect with the Celtic roots of this land, once known as Gaul, home of towering mountains, deep gorges, forests, caves, and the Mediterranean Sea. Learn about the havoc caused by religious conflicts over the centuries while walking the grounds of the ‘heretical’ Cathar Castles that cling precariously to hilltops, temporarily sheltered from merciless invasions.

Program Highlights
  • Discover fascinating history
  • Soak up Paris and its romantic timelessness, exquisite cuisine and priceless cultural treasures.
  • Enjoy private, exclusive access to Chartres Cathedral & Labyrinth, an architectural masterpiece and center of the medieval Mystery School of Liberal Arts.

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