Bavaria: The Power of Myth

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If you are called, come… The veils are thin in Bavaria and Austria; it feels like you are entering into a long forgotten, magical fairytale. This is the perfect place to drop into the pristine silence and listen for guidance. Germanic shamans teach that the Divine whispers in the beauty and quietude of nature. We will explore the God-matrix through myth, folklore, pagan rituals and nature spirits that provide a window into the awe-inspiring, intrinsic intelligence of creation. The greatest teachers across all traditions say that becoming conscious of the laws governing unseen realms strengthens your relationship to God. Join Nina Hirlaender & Caroline Myss as we study shamanism, mystical consciousness and soul mysteries. Slow down to listen and you discover that the Divine has been speaking to you all along.

  • Follow the path of great mystics like Bridgit of Kildare, Francis of Assisi and Hildegard Von Bingen through nature based meditations and spiritual exercises.
  • Participate in a Shamanic Fire Ceremony beside a peaceful lake where sacred ritual has taken place for centuries.
  • Meditate inside the beautiful Parnachklamm Gorge. Madonna & Child are carved into the cliff, showered by a waterfall. The divine feminine permeates the forest.
  • Rejuvenate and integrate with detox, hot stone massage or medical grade naturopathic treatments at our luxurious health & wellness resort.
  • Discover dangling ice-crystals and massive natural ice sculptures in Krippenstein Mountain, the largest ice cave in the world.

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