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This is why it’s one of the world’s most frequently visited destinations. Go on an adventure trip to the land of the Acropolis and stunning beaches with our friendly team.

Spend at least one-week visiting archaeological sites, including the Parthenon, during a tour to Athens. Explore the Olympic City where you’ll learn about the origin of sportsmanship and athleticism before diving into the relaxing waters of the Mediterranean. Take a break from visits to historic buildings and sites by chilling on korouta the Mykonos of Peloponnese.
You will love the musical program with Greek folk costumes and dances from all of Greece. Also, the oriental dances will delight you. The Syrtaki, Zorbas the Greek, Zeibekikos dance and traditional songs, promise a night you will never forget...

  • Get the chance to visit some of Greece’s beautiful islands
  • Feast your eyes on ancient Greek monuments and artwork
  • Unwind and relax on Kourouta Beach
  • By night explore New Rigas restaurant for a folk music show
  • Trace the origins of the Olympic city

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