Coffee Mountain Bike Tour to NGO "De la Gente"

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This is a beginner to intermediate mountain bike ride with a tour of a local coffee farming co-op.

The Ride:
Our ride out to the coffee coop of De la Gente is the flip side to seeing a large-scale production farm.
This ride will take us to a community on the flank of Volcan de Agua where local farmers work
together as a co-op to grow, pick and process their own coffee for export. De La Gente works with the
local farmers’ co-op to help them brand their coffee and reach markets in North America and Europe.
We will take a private tour with one of the co-op farmers to their field and then go to their house to see
how they toast the coffee on a small batch at a time level. Finally, we will have lunch with the family
before heading back to Antigua. This trip is more expensive than the ride out to commercial coffee
farms, but a portion of your trip price goes straight to the farmer/co-op for the tour there.

  • Explore the Antigua valley
  • Meet and interact with small local coffee farmers
  • Sample various blends of some of the best coffee Guatemala has to offer
  • Learn about how coffee is planted, harvested, and produced, from picking to packaging

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