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There are moments in our lives that cause a shift, a change in mindset or an insight or learning that changes our decisions in the future. This is what TribesforGood educational tours are all about. We aim to; open minds, to educate, facilitate cross-cultural learning, cultural immersion and skills development.
Through our community development tour you can take part in sustainable development projects whilst following an interactive and experiential learning programme. Activities and excursions facilitate cultural immersion and the opportunity to gain intercultural competency.
Days: 7+

  • Global Issues- Understanding global issues that are affecting our world and how they link to each other
  • Local Issues -Introduction to local issues and how they are affecting the local population
  • Innovative Solutions-Learn innovative new approaches and solutions to social-change problems
  • Cultural Agility-Understand, recognise and adapt to different culture

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Yes, I recommend this program

Would recommend: Fun, educational and inspiring

The TribesforGood Social Impact Journey was something I chose to join because I was curious about the Social Space, and I wanted to know what the Indian Social Space looked like. I figured if I found the space as compelling as I assumed it was I would find a way to initiate myself and maybe begin regular volunteering or working in the sector. The journey opened my eyes to the troubles that were imminent in the volunteering or voluntourism industry. I learned, that many just like me, signed up to volunteer in third world countries and instead of actually making an impact like they wanted to; they were taken advantage of financially and never able to truly immerse themselves in an experience in which they learned about the culture and the community they were working in and how they could make a real and sustainable difference. This is what TribesforGOOD does differently. I constantly felt that I was learning from the community I was in and the team made it clear, that before we, as international volunteers, take on such a project or wish to volunteer we must fully understand and respect the community we are going to working in, and their needs. I found this Journey fun, exciting and educational and would recommended to anyone aspiring to work in the social space or to volunteer in third world countries; particularly India.

What was the most nerve-racking moment?
The most nerve-racking moment was after I arrived at the Mumbai International Airport where I arrived after a long, exhausting flight. I was worried I wouldn't find the team representative or would get lost or accidentally go through the wrong exit. I was really anxious. But, once I exited the terminal I was over joy-ed to see someone from the pick-up standing at Arrivals with a sign with my name on it. She guided me then, to the pick-up car, and brought me to my hotel while telling me all about the excitement that is to come and answering all my questions.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Give Back

I haven't been to the Social Impact Journey by TribesforGOOD but have followed ad assited in local community visits to various schools, historical sites and field immersions. Generally we as a tour assistant have been asked about a monuments history, why are our cities overcrowded and what not about how we lack to be like a developed country.
But as a tour assistant with Tribes, the participants on the journey were far more solution oriented and loved to give out advices to tackle situations rather than point out the obvious. A couple of them event volunteered to take part in a clean up drive happening in our vicinity just out of sheer will to give back to the community and that is something we all should abide by "Giving Back".


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