Adventure Road Trip To Spiti, India

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Lake Chandartal of Himalayas.
Lake Chandartal of Himalayas.
 A religious training centre and the  biggest monastery of Spiti Valley.
A religious training centre and the biggest monastery of Spiti Valley.


The adventure will kick-start with a night-stay in Delhi, the city that never sleeps. Get over its cultural hangover while you roam your way on the next day to the “City Beautiful” Chandigarh. Here, have your fair share of French architecture and sightseeing in places like Rock Garden (a masterpiece built from industrial waste), Rose Garden etc.

A little change in topography is up next, so hit the high road (Literally yes!) to Shimla the apogee of Himachal’s tourist buzz. But wait, don’t set the bars for the trip here because a meet and greet with the rustic beauties Sangla and Kalpa at a whopping 6050m elevation is next. From here, let the serenity continue with a home-stay at Langza and Kaza (where the highest ever post-office exists). Further, let it hit its summit at Tabo, where the Buddhist hymns and Monasteries guides the course of time.

  • Tender towards the rural life with Spiti homestays! Enjoy working with the community and for them in building a future in the mountains. Make this your muse for 2019, cheers!
  • Take back bags full of bliss with the memories of the holiest Tabo Monastery. Even the current Dalai Lama wants to reside here after retiring. Now, just imagine its aura.
  • Let beaming positivity strike you with Pasadena architectural style at Key Monastery. This 1000-year-old shrine nestled within the Spiti Valley is an eye-candy with beautiful murals.

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