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Here at GBGA headquarters, we truly believe that education is the only medium that can truly break the cycle of poverty both in Bali on this project, but globally. So while Bali is indeed a paradise for many, there is another side which most of us never see. When the curtain is drawn back, for most of Bali’s rural population, life is very different from the emotive images portrayed in bright tourist brochures.

Our continued projects here hope to alleviate that, in any tiny way we can. Refurbishing a school and building a library can allow children within these rural communities to flourish, and to begin to dream of a life beyond Bali. So let’s help them. One project at a time.

  • Get ready to get your hands dirty with some hot and sweaty days, painting the school, furnishing the classrooms and (perhaps the most strenuous job of all!) prepare to keep the kids entertained while we prepare to re-open our partner project
  • Hike along Bali’s famous, majestic rice terraces, stretching back as far as the eye can see
  • An early morning hike up Bali’s gorgeous active volcano, Mount Batur. The views of Lake Batur are worth the effort alone, we promise!
  • Gallivant around Ubud’s monkey forest, just make sure your zips are closed and your pockets are empty. These little guys have quite the eye for a free meal (or even an iPhone), you have been warned!
  • Take a dip in the refreshing mountain water as Bali’s waterfalls crash around you. Your instagram will never have looked so good!

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